Adallom raises $30M

What does Adallom do?

Adallom, is a software as a service- SaaS based security startup which is focused on measuring user activity and protecting users and info from threats in real time. Adallom in Hebrew is “Ad Halom”, which means up to here or the last line of defense. In the context of SaaS, Adallom’s founders believe that pre existing defense mechanisms are not effective at protecting info in SaaS, hence they created a solution which extends the boundaries of enterprise security into the cloud, moving control, visibility and detection directly into SaaS, away from the perimeters and devices. Adallom’s SaaS is with boundless security.

How much Adallom was funded?

Adallom raised $30 M in Series C funding on April 14th, 2015 from Rembrandt Venture Partners, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

Previous funding

  • $4.5M in Series A funding onDecember , 2012 from Sequoia Capital
  • $15M in Series B funding on January 20, 2014 from Zohar ZIsapel, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures

What is next for Adallom?

Adallom has raised $30M in new funding and this funding will be used to grow the company’s sales and marketing efforts and build a global network of channel partners expand the capabilities and capactities of Adallom Labs and to supports its research and development. To date it has raised $49.5 M since its launch in 2012.

More about Adallom

Adallom was founded in 2012 by Roy Reznik, Ami Luttwak and Assaf Rappaport.  It has its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. It is a cloud access security broker which delivers visibility, protection and governance for cloud apps.

Adallom’s innovative platform can be deployed easily, seamlessly and is available for SaaS based or on-prem solution. It is powered by the advanced heuristics’s SmartEngine and is supported by an elite cyber security research teams.  It  makes cloud data protection easy.