How to pursue your goal despite a lot of obstacles


We always set ourselves a specific goal, at any age, in any conditions. We are moving to it gradually, by small steps, like a child learning to walk for the first time.

 Achieving starts with small things. Graduating from high school as an A-student and a valedictorian, for example, is also a big achievement of yours. At first, your goal is just a dream. Then a man tries to study harder and harder. He does everything to achieve his goal, despite the barriers, obstacles.

 Each person has their own goal. And every man seeks it in different ways. Someone wants to achieve its goals at the expense of others, without taking part in some situations and overcoming rough patches. Someone is trying his best to win, and thus carries this heavy burden to the end.

In all circumstances, the person wants to achieve his goal. Despite the rain, the person will still visit his sick friend who is in the hospital. Despite the hail, snow, he will still achieve his goal, come what may. Some students, for example, abandon even small tasks and order college essay just to save their time…

Even if there are some obstacles on the way, people will still go on, will try to overcome them, to reach the summit of the highest mountain. Difficulties and obstacles hamper the person, do not give him a clear way. But the man … The man is still going forward, not looking back, sometimes without even thinking, what waits for him. And he’s just trying to reach his goal.

But be that as it may, everyone has the right to achieve the goals, everyone has the right to win.

Such traits as motivation and sense of purpose assist people on the way to the coveted thing!


Commitment and a sense of purpose — are the conscious and active orientation of the individual to a specific performance. Such a person knows exactly what he wants, where he is going and what for.

Here are some definitions of the essential traits that are vital in a life of any person.

  • A Purposeful person is directed to a specific purpose, to achieve something specific.
  • Commitment is a clarity of mind that helps to define the purpose and power of the spirit to help achieve the goal despite the obstacles.
  • The sense of purpose is the presence of beliefs that obstruct a man which he abandons, even under pressure.
  • The sense of purpose is the ability to always keep in mind the ultimate goal, and do not switch on anything else in the process of action.
  • Commitment sets the vector – the movement to the goal.
  • Commitment makes it impossible – to overcome obstacles.
  • Commitment gives success – in business.
  • Commitment releases – from doubt and hesitation.
  • Commitment gives joy – awareness of each act, manifestation determination in everyday life.
  • Professional activity. A person successfully moves up the career ladder, showing commitment.
  • Sports- The more dedication athlete has, the better the results are; the most successful sportsmen show great commitment.
  • Training- Commitment helps to acquire knowledge firmly; the best students are people with dedication.
  • The science- Particularly, this trait is important in science; it helps to overcome internal and external obstacles that inevitably arise in the way of each scientific discovery.

How to achieve the commitment

Targeting-Commitment implies purpose. For the development of a logical determination, a person will learn to set goals, even small ones. For example, to withstand a seven-day strict diet; not to smoke for two weeks etc.

Self-improvement-Struggling with disadvantages such as indecisiveness – people are approaching determination.

Psychological training- The training will help a person to understand themselves and their desires; If a man understands himself he easier sets a goal and strives for it.

Respect for yourself-Self-confidence, self-respect are really good assistants in the pursuit of purpose.

More tips:

Volitional qualities should be exercised in all activities and not only in emergencies but also in everyday life.Try to set only attainable goals. You cannot take such tasks, which obviously cannot be performed.The goal is to be achieved. Each case should be brought to the end, do not put it off until the end of an indefinite period.

Do not immediately try to overcome the relatively greater difficulty. We must first learn to overcome simple obstacles. In a case of a failure, you do not need to despair. It is necessary again and again to try to overcome the difficulties, showing persistence and perseverance.

If you do not get any business do not abandon it. Be calm and patient, start all over again, correct mistakes, create more rational ways and methods of its implementation.

Once caught in an extreme situation do not lose your temper, mobilize all your forces and possibilities for a decent exit.

Getting down to business first, plan its implementation, then contemplate the possible difficulties and ways to overcome them, as well as think about the results of each of your actions.