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The modern world is a world driven by technology, which is made available to people through different types of apps. Whether it is an app meant for a simple task such as helping you listen to music of your choice or a more complex task like planning the everyday routine of users, you are sure to be using one or more apps that have made your life easier.

And if you are looking for a platform to showcase your own app, then Jcount is just the right place for you to be at. We help you to get the information about your app across and also create opportunities for you to enhance it further to extend its functionality and scope. By choosing to submit your app on our website, you stand a fair chance of getting n touch with people who can provide the resources and finance to help develop your app into a life changing idea.

What Apps Can You Submit

We understand the need of app developers to cater to a versatile audience using different types of devices. That is why we offer our support for almost any and every type of app you choose to submit on our website. We encourage creativity and innovation irrespective of whether you choose to submit iPhone app or an app for any other platform.  Unlike most of our competitors, we do not believe in promoting startups from only specific fields. We also do not place any restriction on the type of service that the app should provide. So whether you are plan to submit Android app for gaming or a Windows healthcare app, we will uphold both with equal sincerity and commitment and make sure that all the apps get the same kind of  market exposure irrespective of what they are capable of doing.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the best app directory to submit your ideas to, primarily because we are not involved in any sort of publicity or promotion of your apps. We simply provide you with a place from where you can showcase your apps to the word community and gain support and feedback for the same.  We only contribute by helping you get your ideas into an open market and generate response according to the usability, practicality and in many cases even the size of the app. This means that you can be rest assured that your app will get similar opportunity for growth and success as any other app on our website, since we are in no way involved in profitability or other benefits you gain from listing it on our website.

Get The Jcount Advantage

Jcount is your best choice for creating awareness about your app on an international level in an easy and hassle free manner. List your app here and get freedom from the stress of finding a suitable means of highlighting the features and capabilities of your innovative idea to its target audiences.

Contact us now to submit your app and gain global exposure for your idea in a simple and unhindered way!