Sustainable, Continuous, Cost-Effective Publicity


All Publicity Is Good Publicity

There’s a popular expression. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” What this is pointing out is that the value of exposure outweighs the many risks that can be associated with that exposure. Stimulation of product awareness for unknown companies can—and does—increase sales.

Ways To Get Noticed

The problem with publicity, advertisement, public relations, and marketing in general is that—in some way—all of these tend to have an expense associated with them. Sometimes it’s just a minute opportunity cost, sometimes it’s the price of hiring out an agency. But there’s some expense.

The thing is, you’re going to need some form of marketing in order to get your business into a profitable arena. People just won’t notice you otherwise. Additionally, the best ways to get noticed aren’t always the most intuitive, meaning you’ll likely need some sort of expert advice down the line.

Think of marketing, advertisement, PR and publicity as a “utility” expense—a portion of your overhead. Just like you need energy and plumbing, you’re going to need some regular means of getting the word out.

You can do this through conventions—though if your target demographic isn’t peer businesses, that’s a measure which could be a dead-end. Additionally, you can buy advertisement in the local paper, you could buy it on TV or put videos on YouTube, you can do radio ads and even a few spots at the local movie theatre. These all have varying degrees of success.

But perhaps one of the most successful, and cost-effective, means of advertising your products or services comes in the form of a vehicular wrap.


On Closer Examination

According to, by applying a vehicle wrap you can “transform your vehicle(s) from ordinary modes of transport to a constant symbol of your identity.” The key word from that quote is “constant”. Depending on which vehicles you “wrap”, there is going to be more or less exposure.

No publicity is bad publicity, right? Don’t worry about the quality of driving which a given employee brings to the table. If you or anyone on your staff is willing to get a wrap done on a privately-owned vehicle, do that thing. Of course it’s better to get wraps done on corporate cars and other work-related vehicles; but not all businesses are the same size.

Think about the exposure such a measure will bring you. If you’re in California and you’ve got to drive ten miles to work, you could be in that car an hour during the commute. In that time, you will see literally thousands of other vehicles. Provided your wrap is engaging enough, you will definitely get noticed.

If every day, only 1% of those who join you during the commute (that’s to and from work) see your vehicle, and take advantage of your services, you’re looking at, per 2,000 views, a potential for 20 new clients. Granted, that may be a little high; but in Sacramento, you’re going to have many opportunities to impress.

Affordable Publicity

The nice thing about a wrap is that it has a perpetuity to it other advertising options don’t. A radio spot is only for a day, a week, or a month—the year-long ads are quite expensive. The same phenomenon makes theatrical ads, newspaper ads, and television ads ephemeral. YouTube advertisement and publicity may last a while longer, but people get bored of that too.

A car wrap will continue to reach people so long as the vehicle remains drivable, and that could be years. So long as you get a good logo/picture/scene emblazoned on the vehicle, and take care to wash it, you’ve got a perpetual publicity facilitator.

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