The State of SEO in 2015

There is a need to increase the number of visitors who visits a given website through search of content. This has lead to constant change of the search engine optimization (SEO) to help the website use the latest methods to search for results on the website. For instance, Vancouver SEO helps websites to increase the search results in sites like Google hence getting more clients or visitors in their page. Internet marketing is vital for the improvement of performance through the conquering of search results with the best strategy for SEO.seo

Concentrating on mobile friendly pages

In 2015, therehas been an increase in the use of mobile phones which increases the number of searches on the website. The SEO should consider the mobile phone users where the website is designed in a way that it is easily assessable through the mobile phone. The website should not frustrate the mobile phone users by not optimizing the searches on the website. The software is common in mobile phones that are supported by the mobile phone used in search for different types of websites. The SEO is expected to increase the number of website visitors. In the recent years, there has been a need for improvement in readability of the text searched on the website. In particular text needs to be readable without the user having to struggle through the zooming of text to understand the search through the mobile device. The size of the content which is from a particular website is expected to be sized to the mobile device to reduce the scroll horizontally by the client. The site search is optimized when there is a friendly search for the mobile phone users where users can easily tap to get the information expected from the website. The mobile friendly test is done by Google for the website to know the rate at which their websites are friendly to the users.


The ranking of websites by Google has influenced the design of websites where the SEO are aimed at increasing the number of visitors in the website. SEO have been enhanced to provide the mobile users with a better experience when they operate the website. The experience of the user is improved when the searches are easily viewed on the mobile phone to increase visitors who use mobile phones. Mobile searches require consideration of the diversity of usersand versatility of devices being used to search such information.



Security has become a necessary requirement in websites which assures users that the information from the website is secure or personal information they enter in websites is not diverted. In future, the security of websites will be needed where the server will require having a certificate from the SSL to secure the website.



The websites which will be having poor content to the users will be penalized by Google to provide quality information from the websites. The searched results are supposed to be useful for the website to optimize the number of visitors in the website. Going forward, SEO should provide quality contents to the users when information is searched in a particular site. The websites will be required to be mobile friendly in order to increase the number of visitors on the site through a design that optimize the number of users.