10 first things happened on the Internet

first email by Ray tomlinson

The Internet, an extremely complex and revolutionary creation took place in 1965, has entirely changed the world. The Internet can be characterized as a worldwide communication network comprising of a great many systems interconnected by fiber optic cabling.

The Internet got its begin in the United States over 50 years back as an administration weapon exposed to the cold elements War. For a considerable length of time, researchers and scientists utilized it to speak and exchange information with each other. Today, we utilize the Internet practically for each and everything, and for some individuals it would be difficult to think about the life without internet. In the current situation, life is nothing without internet. Every day starts and ends with using of internet. Internet brings every information in the world to our fingertips and every information can be exchanged through internet.

  1. First Website

In August 1991 the very first website on the World Wide Web has been launched live. This website clarified the idea and history of the Web, gave connections to the entire world’s online data — it was a rundown that extended as the Web developed and laid out the procedure by which individuals could enhance and extend the Web. It was developed by Tim Berners-Lee, then a researcher at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

first website

This website is a simple page like a simple word document. The website has had words written in black with the white background and also included the hyperlinks which were in blue color. It quickly depicted W3, also known as the World Wide Web.

Internet and the World Wide Web are really two different unique things. Web is that where you connect to, while World Wide Web is the thing how you see it.

On April 30, 2013, the declaration of the World Wide Web – CERN reported they would release the website again. They discovered a duplicate that dated back to 1992, with the trusts of delving considerably more profound into the files for the earliest version.

  1. First Email

Ray Tomlinson is a computer engineer in BBN, invented the world’s first email in the year 1971. Email is an electronic mail which helps us send messages (information) securely from one person to other via the internet.

first mail

At first, Ray Tomlinson was doing research with a simple program called SNDMSG (a local email program), where many programmers were using this program to send messages to one another. Using this program you can only send messages on the computer which has been using for the other persons who used the same computer to read. Tomlinson, then done research and then he used a file transfer protocol (FTP) on CYPNET with the SNDMSG program, through which emails can be sent to any computer across the network.

The first email has been sent to the 2 computers aside with the connection of network ARPANET. And the message sent was “QWERTYUIOP”(the first row digits on the keyboard)


Tomlinson chooses @symbol to let user know at what computer and to which user you are sending. @ Symbol lies between the username and the name of host computer.

  1. First Picture

The first picture ever transferred to the World Wide Web was a photo of the all young lady comic drama group Les Horrible Cernettes. The gathering was comprised of clerical specialists and accomplices of scientists at The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Silvano de Gennaro, took the photo backstage at a music celebration that was facilitated every year by CERN. He Photo shopped the picture and spared it as a .gif file.

first picture

  1. First YouTube Video

The world’s third most famous site got it’s begin in amid 2005 by PayPal representatives Hurley, Steve Chen, and Karim. They were at a supper party and were attempting to show videos, and those troubles planted the seed that developed into YouTube.

They initially enrolled the space on February 14, 2005, and took a shot at YouTube. On April 23, 2005, at 8:27 p.m. they posted the first video called “Me at the zoo”. This is 19-second video consisting of Karim standing before the elephants at the Zoo of San Diego, discussing his enthusiasm for “outrageously, truly long trunks.”

Since its dispatch, YouTube has turn into the world’s famous videos website. Just Facebook and Google are more prevalent sites, with YouTube accepting three billion users.

  1. First Domain name

Symbolics Inc. is the first computer manufacturer company registered the first domain name called Symbolics.com. It is the first appropriately registered .com in the world. This is the first and the oldest registered domain name from approx. 275,000,000 domain names present currently. Symbolics is not a first website, it is just the first registered domain name. The company works on manufacturing the work station computers. In august 2009 the owner of the company sold out his company to XF.com. Now the website is “Symbolics” instead of Symbolics Inc. which consists of facts about the internet.


  1. First Live Music

Severe Tire Damage is the first live music stream played on the internet for the first time on June 24, 1993. Severe Tire Damage was a rock band made up of technologists from Digital Equipment Corp., Xerox, Apple, and Sun, giving them inside learning of an innovation called Multicast Backbone (M-bone). M-bone used voice and feature and was utilized by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

first music

  1. First book sold out on Amazon

Amazon initially started as an online book retailer, and the first book sold was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought, by Douglas in July of 1995. A researcher named John Wainwright purchased the book.

First book

  1. First Facebook ID

The very first Facebook ID was Mark Zukerberg’s (the founder of Facebook) Id number: 4, because the 3 ids were used while testing.  And also the first member of Facebook was Arie Hasit. He was not a member of founders of Facebook and now he is studying rabbi in Israel.

mark zukerberg

  1. First Skype Words

Skype is a software application used for making audio and also video calls over the internet. The first spoken words on Skype were in Estonian in 2003 April. One of the Skype’s development team spoke “ Tere, kas sa kuuled mind??” that is “Hello, can you hear me?”. These words are spoken while testing the application.


  1. First Banner advertisement

Now day’s banners are the main source for the advertisement on online. The first advertisement banner gone online on Hotwired.com in October 1994. Joe McCambley who is the owner of some digital marketing company has created the advertisement banner for AT&T. The text on the banner was “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here” provided with a link to it. When users clicked on it then that will direct to a site, showing AT&T that it could make them direct anywhere on the internet.

first banner