10 handy tips to get hired by a successful startup and turn into a permanent employer

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Searching for a successful company to get hired is a very difficult task. Few startup companies fail throwing employees in trouble. So how do you get a successful startup job?? Below are the 10 strong tips to get to know the complete information about the startup, you are going to try for landing into it.

1.      Research!


Job searching is not a fun kind of thing. Every individual wants to grab the first opportunity without getting failed. Keep on waiting! It takes a certain amount of time to get a right job. The first thing you need to do is “Research”. Today web provides you the complete information about every company. Get to know about them. Keep a glance on CEO tweets, find out whether the CTO write a blog or not. If so, read the blogs so that you could be familiar with their thoughts or ideas.

2.      Join them online

connect Online

Be proactive. You have many sources available to get connected like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Find out whether the startup group hanging out or chatting on web or not. Join the conversation with them and get to know the max about the company you willing to join.

3.      Follow the culture


Different companies have different environment and work culture with different rules. Do remember the first appearance decides your character. While attending the interview, make sure you get well-dressed to match the companies culture. Look as if you already into the team, that shows your confidence.

4.      Show them that you are a Multitasker

Startups, particularly early stage companies, have a mixed bag of requirements and don’t essentially need a man who has 100% perfection on only one thing. So, both in your introductory contact with a startup and when you at long last get that initial meeting, you’ll need to verify the group sees every one of the abilities you convey to the table, not simply those that identify with your center region of perfection. Perhaps you’re a salesman who as of late ran some effective advertising projects. On the other hand, you’re a designer who has loads of experience. Demonstrate that off, and share how you could contribute over every diverse range of the business.


In the event that a startup gets a decent sense for you and sees that you could add to various activities, they feel more tending to make a position for you in their company.  Sometimes, a startup likes your performance in the interview and even you like the company, but there is no job available. During these stages, it’s a good idea to join for a short term consulting. Some startups hire employees for short periods, train them and then check their performance. Suppose they feel them as the best fit for the company and the role, then they take them for the long term.

 5.      Be ready to accept the work load

work load

Many startup companies look into the person who can get things done faster. You might be a great talented engineer or marketer or whatever role, but you need to have that tendency to finish lots of work done. The reason is because start companies have very less resources. They have much work to be done with very less resources / employees. When a startup company hires you, you need to be confident to accept the work load. Many startup companies hire, short term workers- also called as temps (also to check your performance they take you as temps).  There is no guarantee that you will be the permanent employer unless your performance meets their needs.

“Employee loyalty begins with the employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them”                                     –Harvey Mackay

Here are the 5 quick tips to turn your job into a permanent one,

1.      Be unique


Working in a unique way helps your company achieve its perspective goals. Making an alternate idea on any issues, using covered abilities in an alternative manner, or conveying an administration in an alternate manner than what’s been done will get you took note. It’s sufficiently bad to be inconceivable any longer; you have to additionally be diverse so consider your own mark, your own image.

2.      Strengthen your soft skills

soft skills

This implies you ought to be a decent cooperative person and coexist with everybody, strengthen great interpersonal abilities, energy and inspiration. “Specialized abilities are popular and are vital, however progressively bosses require a blend of good specialized aptitudes and delicate abilities that reveal to you can be a decent communicator and pioneer.”

3.      Be understanding

understanding employee


While it’s keen to express enthusiasm for a lasting position at an early stage, you would prefer not to request the employment immediately. Commonly provisional specialists get eager and this can strain the new meeting expectations relationship. “It’s similar to requesting that somebody wed you when you simply began dating. Be understanding.”

 4.      Have the right outlook and eagerness


Treat your short term job or your agreement task as a full-time position. That implies you ought to go the additional mile by coming in ahead of schedule or offering to stay late. Show responsibility, energy and adaptability.  Maintain a strategic distance from a mentality of suspecting that you’re only a brief laborer. You were brought on the grounds that your abilities are required, and you now have a chance to demonstrate the environment of the work you create, and your energy towards full-time business. When you think and feel like you’re a member in the family of the organization, it changes everything.

 5.      Show incremental quality

increasing quality

Regardless of what kind profession you are in the company, there’s dependably an approach to demonstrate your quality, whether that is through your capacities like objectives or producing compact associations with main leaders. Showing the increased quality can make you achieve permanent job.