10 Quick Tips about Facebook Reviews


Facebook is evolving faster than ever. Every other day you would find a new feature added in Facebook by Mark Zuckenberg that enhances the user experience in one way or the other.

This might be the reason why we are not yet completely throwing it out of our lives like we did with the other social media networks in the past.Now Facebook is more than just a chatting platform. Millions of business owners are  using it as much as they can to promote their business online and  engaging maximum audience possible.
If you are one of those amazingly talented people, you are already having your own Facebook page with lots of activities going on. You are constantly posting blogs related to your products or services and links to your product pages, hosting quizzes, creating memes, basically doing everything so that more and more people rather ‘potential customers’ visit your page. So you have planted your tree, now it is time to reap the fruits. But part of your job remains under construction until you get the feedback from your audience. Here’s when the Facebook reviews section comes in handy.

If you are still a newbie in the world of Facebook marketing, here’s how you set up Facebook reviews section for your business page. Just follow these steps:

  •         Open your Facebook business page
  •         Go to ‘edit page’ on the top right corner.
  •         Select the first option ‘update page info’
  •         Scroll and select ‘Category’ from the list to define the type of business you are into. Click on ‘Save Changes’.
  •         Here comes the most important step. Select ‘Address’ from the list and add your address in the box provided. Click on ‘Save Changes’ once you are done.

When you click on ‘view page’, you see the Review option available on your page. Now that you have added the reviews tab here are the 10 quick tips about Facebook reviews that you might find helpful for your journey ahead.

  1.   Respond:  Stay active in your page and try to respond to all the reviews.


  1.   And be quick: Quick response shows better efficiency in service and hence, better impression. Facebook actually features a virtual time calculator which shows if you respond instantly, within 24 hrs or within a week.


  1.   Add a personal touch: Whenever addressing a review, don’t be too formal or copy paste your response for similar comments. Make your response distinct for each and every comment. That shows you respect their valuable time.


  1.   Respond to negative comments: As difficult as it may sound to sulk in, you need to respond to the negative reviews as well. In fact, they are more crucial than the positive ones as people are more drawn to leave a feedback only when they are unhappy with the service. Addressing their problems will ensure them not leaving your service immediately.


  1.   Be courteous: Be polite while you respond. Even to the meanest comment, you must put on your virtual smile and deal with them smartly.


  1.   Do not try to win: The viewer is either right or just mistaken. But never wrong. Do not try to win arguments with a customer online.


  1.   Get in touch: There is no other way to remove reviews from Facebook unless and until the reviewer himself deletes it. If a viewer posts a really bad review that might affect your business, reach out to them directly in personal chat and try to solve their issue. Then you can legitimately ask them to delete or edit their review.


  1.   Create your community: Once you engage proactively, you create a community that responds to you. They help each other solve the issues. This is when you finally reap the result of your time, patience and energy.


  1.   Satisfy your audience : Last but not the least, don’t just hear out the problems but also solve them


  1.  Final note: Now this is really the last one. ‘Never give up’

Wish you good luck and loads of good reviews!