Every day, technology advances, and thanks to these advancements, devices have become smarter and many times smaller. Inkjet printers, today, are not just available in their desktop size – they’re also available in handheld sizes. The smaller technology mostly benefits industrial companies who must print on glass bottles, cardboard and concrete, but they could technically be used by every day consumers, too. Models like the ebs inkjet printer come complete with a variety of features, and it’s those features that make them popular. Here are three reasons why handheld Inkjet printers are highly sought after.

Their Size

The size of the handheld Inkjet printers allow individuals to carry them around in hand or in a holster, print on many items at long intervals and easily maneuver them when going from one project to another. Designed to be ergonomically-friendly, their weight is also reasonable. The size of these printers is a clear advantage when attempting to mark on hard to reach places as well as surfaces that are not completely flat.

They’re Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled

All handheld Inkjet printers include software that allows you to program the printer to operate as needed. Whether each printer in your collection will do a different job or all will operate in the same manner, you’re free to configure as you see fit. Additionally, models are now Bluetooth enabled and some are Wi-Fi capable. These added features give you faster access to your data and allow you to integrate the data from the printers more easily with your company’s database.

They Get the Job Done

In addition to having the ability to print on just about any surface, the end product is legible and permanent. A handheld Inkjet printer offers you the option of printing offline giving you added freedom, easy to read characters and consecutive numbers. As a bonus, you can also mark your items with the accurate time and date, and graphics.

A handheld Inkjet printer is a great addition to your office supply inventory. These portable printers offer you the freedom to print away from your desk and in the warehouse where your materials may be stored. Additionally, with their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, you can rest assured that important data will not be lost. Their portable sizes allow you to print on hard to reach areas as well as surfaces of all kinds.