4 Great College Majors Every Entrepreneur Should Consider

Although an MBA is the entrepreneur’s degree of choice, it is not the only path to a career in business. In fact, many people who have made it in the business world do not have one. In this article, we’re going to explore four great majors every entrepreneur should consider to increase their chances of success.

1. English

English is the international language of business. As an entrepreneur, you cannot escape using it regardless of what part of the world you travel to or operate in. For this reason, having a firm grasp of the language is to your advantage.

Businesses are also rushing to hire English majors to work as professional writers. These professionals are writing blogs, drafting business plans, or doing search engine optimization for their employers. As an English major, you can do this work yourself and save a buck or two.

2. Communication

All entrepreneurs, from corporate executives to greengrocers, have great communication skills. The same can be said of communication majors, so it makes perfect sense for them to start a business, and most of them are doing just that. When pursuing your communication degree, you learn how to use non-verbal, written, and spoken cues to pass a message across.

This knowledge comes in handy when you open a business, and have to work with people on a daily basis. Needless to say, communication majors make some of the best entrepreneurs you can find today.

3. Computer Engineering

Computers are playing a greater role in businesses today than they ever did before. All of the key functions of a business are now under the control of a computer. This explains why computer experts are in such high demand.

No business can do without them, especially tech startups. To start one, you need to have computer know-how that no MBA can teach. As a result, computer engineers almost always own and operate tech startups.

4. Accounting or Finance

Balancing the books and keeping track of profits is important when you start a business. To do this, you need a background in accounts. Without one, you have to hire an accounting major to do the books for you.

Besides accounts, you also need to understand the financial aspects of your business. Without it, you can neither come up with a financial strategy for your business, nor sell your ideas to investors. To do so, you will be forced to hire a finance major with an online master of financial economics. A better option would be to acquire an accredited master of financial economics yourself and cut one person off your payroll.

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need an MBA, or a business degree for that matter, to run your own business. You can acquire business skills from any course. For instance, as an English major, you can conduct business in any part of the world, and with anyone regardless of country of origin.

Your communication major, on the other hand, enables you to pass business ideas to your clients. While a computer engineering degree is good if you want to start a tech startup, you still need a financial or accounting degree to keep the books.