4 Habits That Can Cost You Your Job

Interested in keeping your job? The economy may be improving, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to lose your job. Nix these four habits in order to help maintain a positive work atmosphere as well as your current position.

1. Lying

Truth be told, there’s really never a good time when you should lie. However, when it comes to work, nothing will get you in trouble more than lying, and nothing has a worse consequence. Whether you lied on your resume about your credentials, fudged a few hours on your time sheet, or misused the company expense account, your best bet is to be upfront about it. Or, better yet, don’t lie in the first place.

2. Lateness

The time that you’re supposed to report to work isn’t the time you can walk through the door – it’s the time when you should be sitting at your desk, ready to work. If you walk in five minutes late every day or make yourself a cup off coffee and chat with co-workers when the clock strikes nine, you’re technically tardy. Leave your house early enough so that you can stop for breakfast on the way, greet your favorite co-workers, and be sitting at your desk, computer on and ready to go when the clock strikes nine.

3. Procrastination

A lot of people think that they do their best work at the last minute. When your last-minute schedule makes other people rush to get their tasks done too, you’re creating an unpleasant environment for your co-workers. Also, while it may feel like you work best under pressure, there’s nothing that can replace taking your time on a project to complete it thoroughly and correctly the first time. Plus, when you get work done early, you can go over your work to see if you missed anything. Whether you have to order items for the office from www.konicaminolta.com.au/Products/Office/ or you have to complete a big project for your boss, get started on it as soon as possible.

4. Negativity

Nobody likes being around someone who’s always complaining or gossiping. These habits aren’t just annoying; they could cost you your job, too. Negativity is counterproductive to what a company wants, which is high employee morale. If you’re the one dragging the mood of the office down, you could be cut before you know it.

So many habits are easy to squash. When it comes to keeping your job, there’s no better reason to kick bad habits out the door. When you make changes for the better, people will take notice, including your boss and your fellow employees.