4 Mistakes Businesses Make with Live Online Broadcasts


When you’re using live online broadcasts to get your business’s message and brand out there, whether you’re a conference presenter or running an event for select clients, there are a few common mistakes that every newbie makes. However, these can easily be avoided if you know what to look for when you’re planning what to say and show in an online broadcast. One of the best things about this new development in video conferencing technology is that it’s scaleable, and you can broadcast to as many or few participants as you want. You can also switch back and forth between presenters if you’re dealing with a conference, but first, you need to make sure you don’t lose your audience’s attention. Here are a few tips about how to ensure that you remain engaging, and that your online broadcast is a success.

  1. Too Much Talking

One of the main points of online broadcasts is to get a point across and either entice your viewers to write down information or spark interest in a product. Using Blue Jeans online video streaming gives you all the tools to present live online broadcasts with as many or few participants and presenters as you choose, but the biggest way to kill a video conference presentation of any size is too much talking.

If your participants feels as if they’re either wasting their time, or their attention wavering, the entire presentation goes down the drain and is likely irretrievable. This is especially true when it comes to video broadcasts, because the presentations might be longer than a regular meeting, and you’re probably going to be trying to cover a lot of points. Many times, if it’s a large-scale conference, participants are also going to have to pay attention to multiple presenters. Therefore, keep the talking to a minimum, and instead rely on colorful visual aids and multimedia content such as video or examples of branding that are aesthetically interesting.

  1. Presentations Lacking Personality

If you’re prepared with all the graphs, visual aids, multimedia content, and statistics, what could possibly be lacking in a presentation? The answer is lack of personality. PR marketing company Patti Rowling Consulting praises live streaming for having the power to put a face to a name, which is a strong attribute for building client relationships. Clients and customers alike want to see who you are, and confirm that you’re a real person. This helps them identify with you, and compels them to invest emotionally and physically in your product or expertise. Although your audience can vary, the core principle that everyone wants to put a name to a face is consistent.

  1. The Dark Cave

This point is simple and cosmetic, but if you don’t do it right, it can have devastating consequences on how your audience responds to your online broadcast. This is especially true if it’s a large group, since then you’re potentially alienating a large sector of your industry. Easy: get the lighting right. Entrepreneur advises that light from the side works best when you’re on camera during a video conference, cautioning against tuning in from a badly lit room that resembles a dungeon or dingy basement.

  1. Not Giving a Payoff

Last, but not least, is the fact that an online broadcast requires precious time and attention. People need to invest their intellectual energy into watching something and receiving information, so you need to give them a payoff. Whether it’s an actual sample of the product you’re touting, a special promo code, or in the case of presenting to colleagues, an idea they can take back to their own teams and implement, you need a reward. There needs to be a reason to watch a presenter, instead of simply being required to participate in a conference. If you’re doing a product launch, this is especially important since you’re not only trying to capture people’s attention, but also entice them toward something they eventually are going to shell out money for. Be upfront about the fact that you’re there to back your product and promises, but also that your intention at the end of your presentation or pitch is that the audience will also receive a tangible item. You can even run this as a type of raffle for customers tuning into the live broadcast to win a regular size of your product, rather than a sample. Contests and raffles keep viewers excited, since it adds a touch of anticipation to your broadcast.

Online broadcasting is one of the most useful tools in which you can invest today, providing your clients and colleagues with a face to the name and adding an entirely new dimension to your product and business. However, as is the case with any technology, you need to make sure you utilize it the right way and understand its potential. Using a provider that can go through the ins and outs of the service with you is a good plan, as well as following these basic tips.