5 Best Video Chat Apps

Smartphones and the fast internet connection has revolutionary changed the way people communicate with each other. We are no longer satisfied with instant messages as we were 5-10 years ago. Why? The answer is simple as that!

We want a better UX, more options to choose from, a bigger number of cool features in our apps. This is confirmed by a rising number of people who want to create an app like Snapchat which, with no doubt, brought to our mobile communication something that we haven’t experienced before.

But today’s article is not about Snapchat. It’s about video chat apps that really worth downloading. Keep on reading since it’s going to be interesting for both ordinary mobile users or ones who want to build a video chat app on their own.

Skype: the most “mainstream” video chat app

If we make a public poll on the topic “What is the best video chat app?”, Skype will definitely be among the leaders. The first versions of the app were released back in 2003, but an option to make video calls was added a bit later, in the version 2.0. In 2011, Skype was purchased by Microsoft.

Nowadays the app is available on both platforms and desktops. It has over 1 billion (!) downloads and about 300 million monthly active users. Why is it so popular?

The app earned a worldwide users’ love by providing them with an opportunity to make free Skype-to-Skype voice or video calls. It’s also possible to use Skype so as to call landline and mobile phones. For this purpose the app implemented own currency also known as Skype credits (think about it as about a good way to monetize your own video chat app).

Among other noteworthy features are:

  • Group video calls that may include up to 25 interlocutors.
  • In-app text chat with a possibility to share photos, videos, locations and emoticons.
  • Voice or video messages that you can leave for your interlocutor while he is offline.
  • Huge group text chats that may join more than 500 people.

Tip: don’t forget to include group calls feature in the scope during your own video chat app development.

Tango: meet one of the pioneers among video chat apps

Tango deserves its share of attention at least because it was one of the first apps of such kind on the market. Moreover, when the competition was less tough, many believed that it was the best video chat app for Android. By the way, iOS users can also check the veracity of such conversations and download it for free. Till 2015 the app also had a desktop and Windows Phone versions but now they are not available anymore.

If you decide to develop a video chat app, Tango may be a good example of how a successful video chat app should look and work. Needless to say that Tango (like Skype) provides its users with a text chat along with a possibility to make video calls. You can also create group chats with up to 300 users and always stay tuned with your friends or colleges.

Every Tango’s user also has an own feed that he can update with a favorite music, photos or just their thoughts. Other cool features that distinguish the app from its competitors are animated stickers and games that you can play with your friends right during the call!

Messenger: qualitative & innovative

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? I can recall a few such people. And that’s one of the great advantages of Facebook Messenger – you can stay in touch with your old friends and they don’t have to create new accounts in unknown apps.

Yet, it will be fair to say that video calls aren’t a central and main feature of the app. Therefore, I can’t name Messenger as the best video chat app for iOS so sorry, Mark.

However, I can’t also say that the app doesn’t have own advantages. After all, it’s a Facebook product and guys are real professionals in the IT world. So among the merits of the application I can name:

  • high video quality during calls;
  • the app has a good security system and we all know how the safety of personal data is important for modern users;
  • in 2016 developers added a group video calls since it’s a real must-have for any video chat app;
  • you won’t spend a lot of time to figure out how to use Messenger as it’s intuitive and user-friendly.

ooVoo: a nice-looking app with cool lenses

ooVoo is a great alternative to such video chat apps as Tango, Viber and other. The app which is available on iOS, Android and Windows PC. As you already might have guessed, it allows you to communicate with your family and friends through free qualitative video calls.

Just like the previous services, ooVoo supports group video calls up to 12 members. The app is tailored to provide its users with a perfect UX. For this purpose the app allows you to exchange text messages, photos, GIFs and even videos during your in-app video conversation. It supports a dynamic interaction between interlocutors while their communication is in progress.

However, everything above, let’s say honestly, is a typical set of features of any cool app. But if you want to build a video chat app that can successfully compete on the market, you should come up with a fresh and interesting idea. For example, ooVoo developers add masks to the app (just like in Snapchat) which you can buy and use during your video calls.

JusTalk: lesser-known but promising

JusTalk is not so popular as any of already mentioned apps but it still worth our attention. The developers of this application have made the main emphasis on personalization. So the main idea of JusTalk is to provide you with a great UX using interactive customization elements.

For example, you can choose a theme of the app according to personal preferences and tastes. Yet, some interface sets are paid so be ready to spend your hard-earned money. You will also have to pay for some personalization perks.

If you’re planning to use only free features, there are enough of them. High-quality video calls, encrypted text chats, group conversations, ability to exchange photos and screenshots and many other are available for you without any fee. JusTalk also has an entertaining Finger Touch feature that allows you to draw over images and videos in a real-time mode.


That was a list of top 5 best video apps by Stormotion team. We tried to review popular market leaders like Skype and Messenger along with lesser-known but promising apps like ooVoo and JusTalk. Hope that some features of these apps will come in handy for you during your own video chat app development.