This article is purposefully written for individuals who are planning to set up a new corporate branch or a new office ground up.

Getting started is one of the easiest things in a business, but continuing it may get challenging as the months pass. When you get off on the right foot, everything falls into place and gradually, you become more optimistic about all that you do.

As a business owner, setting up a new office requires weighty consideration. One wrong move might get you in trouble you can’t seem to emerge from. Therefore, it is important to take every step calculated and well-contemplated. Minimising investment to bear maximum results is the main agenda of any business owner or a budding entrepreneur, and that’s how they prosper and achieve their goals whilst giving great learning and earning opportunities to their employees. So, for those entrepreneurial souls, here are 5 cost-effective ways to create a corporate oasis that’s functional and accountable for every penny spent.

  • Location

Most entrepreneurs feel the peer pressure to choose a high-end location for setting up their new office, despite the limited budget they have. No doubt, location plays an important role to keep up with your reputation, but if yours is the kind of business that is least frequented by the clients, there’s no need to spend on a lavish office in your initial days. You can pick a decent location that is accessible from different parts of the city and offers a comfortable working environment to your employees. The amount that you will save from this decision can go nicely towards other important investments that could help you grow.

  • New Office Supplies

New office doesn’t necessarily have new supplies. When you can work the older ones out, why break the bank? If you must buy new supplies and office equipment in Sydney or any other metropolitan city, keep your eyes peeled for high-quality yet affordable options. You can make a list of what you want and what isn’t meant for your new corporate setting, before your supplier dictates your choice. If it’s a bulk purchase, you have the right to negotiate, because at the end of the day, you’re letting them clear most of their stock all at once.

  • Keep the running cost minimal

Setting up a new office with minimal investment doesn’t make you a winner in the long run, but how much you save from its running cost definitely makes you one. Using power-saving lighting, centralised air conditioning and heating system, consolidated furniture (for most areas) and things like that help you save money without compromising the comfort of your employees.

  • Buy Recycled Printer Cartridges

Despite the world turning digital, we still need paper printing for one reason or the other. This is where you can save money by purchasing recycled printer cartridges, which get the job done for a lower price. Even if you are taking out low-quality prints, they should fit the bill and nobody could point it out either.

If possible, go paperless to reduce all the expense that comes along.

  • Offer Part Time Jobs and Work from Home Opportunities

If you are just starting out as an organisation, it’s better to hire freelancers, who can work from home. By doing so, you will not have to invest much in infrastructure, which means nothing will add to your expenses, and you can have them work for you at a meagre salary.


There are many other ways to cut back on office expenses and run your business in profit. All you have to do is find room for adjustments and cheaper alternatives.