5 Great Promotional Or Gift Ideas For Your Business 

As the autumn season rapidly transitions into winter, it’s time to start thinking about the future. With the crisp winter air beginning to take root in the atmosphere and colorful lights just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to start thinking about gifts for the folks who matter in your working/professional life. People who love to write, take a lot of notes, or simply love pens almost always like to receive gifts related to their passion. What could be better than an awesome writing utensil with a sleek appearance and amazing utility? Not much!  These gifts are ideal for holidays, birthdays, or just about any time, really. Sometimes it’s nice to get a small gift for the writer, office mate, or co-worker in your life. In addition to being great gifts, any of these will work great as a promotional giveaway or other items for your business. Here’s a short guide to a few gift and promotional ideas for your co-workers this year.

Notebook and Pen Set

Pens typically make great, functional gifts. The only thing that can possibly make it a better gift is to add a notebook to the mix. The combination of a notebook and a pen is pretty common as far as gifts go, but there’s a reason for that. It’s simply a very popular gift. And it can also be useful for journaling, making notes, writing stories, or even just keeping track of things in general and making grocery lists. The sheer versatility of the dynamic duo of a notebook and pen just makes sense for a lot of reasons. If you’re giving them out as a promotional item, selling them in your store, or however you choose to distribute them, you can use the notebook as a way to advertise your name via a custom logo. The pen can also be engraved with business information. That way, when somebody is out in the world using your notebook they are also showing off your awesome logo at the same time. That might generate some positive vibes toward your organization as well as drive some business your way. It’s amazing how such a small gesture can lead to such great promotion. Rest assured, if you give away one of these sets, it’s probably going to generate positive impressions for your business.

Gel Stylus Pen 

Stylus pens are a useful accessory on their own, but when they’re attached to a gel pen it just lets whoever is using the pen do so in style. Gel pens are a type of pen that uses a colored water-based gel instead of ink. Other than that distinction, it’s a simple ballpoint pen. Gel pens are popular because they write well, the ink doesn’t spill in one’s pocket as the pen is being carried, and they can come in a variety of amazing colors. They also glide right across the paper as you write, making them a fantastic pen for any occasion. Making them available to your customers as a writing device in store, offering them as giveaways, or just making them a free gift included with purchase and we’re all unique ways to use them as a promotional item. Gel pens can also be customized to include your brand logo or any other promotional information you’d like to put on them. These pens also often come with a stylus on one end, which is perfect for capacitive touch screens like your phone or tablet.

Fine Point Stylus Pen

Another type of pen that features a stylus, the fine point pen is unique from the gel pen in a few ways. Fine point pens have a small point, usually 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm that makes them ideal for precise writing and other applications requiring more control over the ink dispersion of the pen on the writing surface. These pens are ideal for somebody who needs a lot of control over what they’re writing and needs precision for complex writing or drawing. For somebody who works in an office or does a lot of fine detail work, a fine point pen is ideal. Just like the gel pens, you can put pretty much any promotional information you’d like on your customized pens. Then, you can distribute them as you see fit. Many fine point pens can also contain a stylus, giving them that extra bit of utility that any busy person can benefit from while working, playing, or drawing.

Engraved Pens

Engraved pens are some of the highest quality, most elegant and amazing promotional products you can use for marketing and gift giving at your business. Rose gold pens are among one of the top notch engraved pens out there. If you stock your reception area or business with these pens, there’s a good possibility that customers will be more than happy to accept them as a free gift. The same goes for any other engraved pen that features high quality construction, a metal barrel (the tube part of the pen) and won’t fall apart like the cheap stuff you get from stores sometimes. Engraved pens usually feature a custom message, logo, business address, or otherwise etched into the barrel of the pen, usually made with a diamond cutting device. These types of pens can also be sold or given away as gifts in their own custom box.

Cool Accessories

If an array of great pens just aren’t enough, why not find some cool accessory items to use as gifts and promo items? Keychains are small, inexpensive, and can easily contain your company logo. They’re probably the perfect giveaway item to increase brand awareness, since most of your customers probably have keyrings of some kind. LED Flashlights are fun and can be customized with text, making them ideal as a sale item or gift. Bottle openers have some of the same benefits as keychains when it comes to customization and usefulness, and they may have some appeal to certain customers. Reusable tote bags or shopping bags are another nice choice because they can advertise your custom logo or brand name while providing the ability for whoever has them to reuse them for everything from grocery shopping to going on a picnic. The side benefit of this is that wherever they go, other people will see the logo on their bag and it might pique their interest in your business. You can also sell custom pocket knives, water bottles, or utensils to achieve a similar outcome. Regardless of how you choose to go about this, there are plenty of options to help you make a positive impact and impression through these and other promotional items. The sky really is the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and see what works best for your promotional and gift giving needs.