If you have a WordPress based website, then having WordPress Hosting is more than just essential for you. When you have a hosting plan that is completely customized and configured to efficiently host WordPress websites, many of your intrinsic WordPress maintenance and upkeep problems are taken care of. WordPress Hosting comes in two types. 1) Shared WordPress Hosting, which is very similar to any other Linux or Windows based Shared Hosting packages, where the server resources are shared among the sites hosted on it. 2) Managed WordPress Hosting where you can free up your time & efforts to focus on your core business, while the WordPress Hosting provider handles the technical details for you.

In this post, we will detail the top 5 reasons to choose Managed WordPress Hosting for your website.

Superior Support: The number 1 reason for choosing Managed WordPress Hosting is the high quality of support you will get. Typically when you are looking for support, you would want to speak to someone who is an expert on the subject matter. When it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting, the account managers that provide support are WordPress experts and many times, WordPress developers themselves. This makes query resolution fast and highly effective as they know what they are doing. Also, in Managed WordPress Hosting all the technical and maintenance aspects will be taken up by a dedicated team who can be your single point of contact for all your support needs, defeating the need to wait on the line for anonymous support personnel.

Scalability: Your WordPress hosting package might need resources to be added or removed based on your website’s traffic and storage needs. In Managed WordPress hosting, you can instantly  accommodate traffic spikes by scaling up your CPU & RAM which can be done by your dedicated WordPress Hosting Management team.

Developer Friendly: With Managed WordPress hosting, you also get access to additional developer-friendly features like SSH access, Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git. Additionally, if you want to add new features to your WordPress site, or change the functionality, or accomplish tasks like finding, installing and maintaining the right plugins and themes, they can easily be done via the support team of your Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

Better Security: In Managed WordPress Hosting, the backend team will keep a close watch on your website’s security. This includes auditing server logs, running malware scans, optimizing the firewalls and even many trivial but important tasks such as deleting spam comments, etc. to keep the security of your WordPress website intact. Moreover, in cases where there is a security breach or a disaster, they will provide full support in disaster recovery and restoration of your website.

Maintenance: WordPress websites require certain amount of maintenance that will eat into your and your team’s time. This includes regularly updating WordPress (Check out a great post on how to update WordPress), checking  for updates for all active plugins and themes installed on your sites, optimizing WP-Database for better performance and even taking regular backups of your website to have stable restore points in case of disasters and data breaches. All these activities can be taken up by the backend team of the Hosting Provider in Managed WordPress Hosting so that you and your team can focus on your core business.

If your WordPress website is growing in terms of traffic and size and you are planning to stick to WordPress as a Content Management System(CMS), then it is highly recommended that you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting. We really hope this helps you understand the importance of specialized WordPress Hosting and that you are able to make a decision. In case of any questions or feedback, please feel free to pen them down in the comments section below and we would be more than happy to respond to them.