5 Ways To Maximize Profits At Your Tech Startup


The tech industry continues to boom with main players like Facebook absolutely killing it in the stock market. Starting a business in the tech industry can happen in a variety of ways. There are those founders who have been in the industry for years that decided to venture off on their own while others are young guns that take a chance on a great idea see it through. There are plenty of differences in the ways that these different founders or CEOs will run their businesses. One thing that is the same is that these professionals aim to maximize their profits and please their investors. This article will dive into the different ways that profits can be maximized at a tech startup today.

Skip Having the Huge Office

Some startups might try to build for the future by purchasing or renting an office for their expected growth. This is simply a waste of money, as you should only get an office for what you have and not what you expect to have. Evaluate whether you need to have an office at all, as many tech startups have taken advantage of the cloud and gotten rid of the centralized office completely. Having a virtual office can actually improve productivity as office chatter can get to certain people. Developers are a great example of this as many like to work from home because of the lack of distractions. With that being said, holding employees accountable is important so there isn’t a drop in production just because they are working from home.

Intern to Hire Programs

Many college graduates dream of having a dream job offer right out of college. Choosing these applicants can be risky, as a GPA doesn’t always translate to competence in every industry while experience generally does. For this reason intern to hire programs are a great way to try out employees before actually hiring them. This can also save money on hiring processes as well, as a student who has interned for a few summers might know exactly what they should do. The money saved on salary is important as a person with 4 or 5 years’ experience would demand more salary than someone who has only interned previously. Do not guarantee a hiring if they complete the program but only take those who you think would be a good fit for the future.

Outsource Some Labor

There are going to be certain tasks that cannot be automated but are quite simple. These things should be outsourced immediately, as in-house talent can be quite expensive, especially if the task is data entry or finding contact information. Finding great outsourced labor can make profits as well as productivity skyrocket. If your best sales person can have a personal assistant for a few dollars an hour, then they be freer to do what they do best. This person could take care of their paperwork or simply find contact information for the salesperson. Trying out these outsourcers can be hit or miss for certain tasks. Websites like Upwork allow hiring companies to see reviews on a certain freelancer. These can help you from hiring those who speak poor English or have problems following complicated instructions. Once you find an efficient and budget friendly freelancer, it is important to hold on to them as they can be few and far between.

Finding ways to save money should not mean that you buy cheap equipment or leave your staff unable to do their jobs effectively. Make sure that there isn’t excess spend and productivity is continuing to increase. Great managers will find ways to make sure that processes are optimized and their staff is motivated. A startup environment isn’t for those who don’t expect important deadlines and a large workload. Each decision of an employee can end up being an important one for the future of the company. What are some things that you do to maximize profits at your startup?