5 Ways to Make Money Selling Your Items


Are you interested in trying to make a business out of your home-made creations? Or are you looking to make extra income by selling antique or vintage goods you own? Many have found success in selling their goods and merchandise to make an income. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, keep reading to learn about five ways you can sell your items.

1. Etsy

Etsy has become a popular platform for creators and artists to showcase their goods and sell them online. The draw for buyers to shop Etsy is that they may be able to find unique and one of a kind creations and goods, that they are unable to find anywhere else.

2. Trade Shows

If you enjoy traveling from town to town to show your merchandise to potential buyers, consider attending trade shows. When traveling from show to show, it’s a good idea to keep your merchandise and displays safe in trade show cases. Displaying your merchandise at trade shows allows customers to see your goods easily and have a clear view of all you have to offer. One of the biggest benefits of attending trade shows is that you are face to face with your customers and can create a trustworthy buyer and seller relationship that may result in repeat sales from loyal customers.

3. Facebook Business Page

Starting a Facebook page for your business can help to introduce your business to a worldwide audience. Facebook allows customers to interact with your business directly, leaving comments or questions on the business page. This can create a more personable business between you and potential customers. You can also pay for advertising on the Facebook platform, which may help your business get noticed and may result in increased web page traffic and sales.

4. eBay

One of the most well-known ways to sell your merchandise and craft items is through eBay. Since eBay began on September 3, 1995, it has grown from an online auction site to now showcasing high-end retail items and vendors selling their goods through the site. Ebay offers vendors the option to sell their goods at the highest bid, or at a set price. Many have found success and made a profitable business selling homemade, vintage and new items through eBay.

5. Flea Market or Garage Sale

A tried and true method of selling your own creations or items is by holding a garage sale or attending a flea market. Flea markets usually have a large group of potential customers who are attending the marketplace to see what all the vendors are selling. A garage or yard sale relies heavily on good traffic and noticeability to gain customer interest. It’s a good idea to advertise and set up signs around your neighborhood before holding the yard sale. This can raise interest and can help to pull in potential customers.

Before selling your items, it’s a good idea to do your research and see what fees are required, if any, to sell your merchandise. Calculate the possible fees and costs with the potential sales and see which of these options may be right for you.