50 Most Fun Home Based Business Ideas for You


If you are someone who stays back and is looking for ways to earn money or kill their time by interacting with people, we have the perfect opportunity for you. We understand sometimes it becomes very difficult for a person to go out and work or start their business, it could be due to a lot of reasons personal or health related.

The first thing that should come to your mind is thinking about what business you should do. Some people are lucky that they pick the right business for them but some fail to do that.

We will share with you the best 50 fun ideas to start your own business right from your home.

  1. Yoga instructor – You can become a yoga instructor and teach yoga to people who are willing to come to your home.
  2. Party planner – Plan planners don’t need to go out. You can plan parties for people from your home.
  3. Web designer – Become a web designer by designing Websites or blogs. Buy an ergonomic keyboard and learn how to use it to create sites or blogs.
  4. Own a YouTube channel – Making videos and uploading them on YouTube is an easy way to earn money. If you make good videos you can become YouTube famous as well.
  5. Facebook page designer – Design Facebook pages for the people. They will pay you for the services.
  6. Day Care Center – If you have an open space in your house, you can start a day care centre as well.
  7. Dance instructor – You can earn with your dancing skills. Teach students who want to learn dancing.
  8. Musician – If you are a musician teach others the skills that you have.
  9. Give guitar lessons – If you can play the strings, earn by teaching others who are willing to learn.
  10. Personal Trainer – You can become a personal trainer and people might come to your place to get trained.
  11. Copywriter or Content Writer – If you have writing skills then you can write content for the websites or magazines.
  12. Clothing Designer – Design clothes for the people.
  13. Jewellery Designer – Jewellery designing is also becoming a trend these days. If you are creative you may try that.
  14. E-book Author – Write a book online.
  15. Message Therapist – Message therapist also pay really good these days.
  16. Hair Dresser – If you have skills then you can become a hair dresser as well. You don’t need to have an actual place for it. You could do it in people’s house or your house.
  17. Interior Designer – Design the interiors of homes and offices.
  18. Home Staging Professionals – You can earn by becoming a home staging professional as well. You don’t have to invest much or own a office space.
  19. Seller of Collectables – If you collect items or can buy items of from websites, then you can earn by selling them.
  20. Dog Groomer – Become a dog groomer. You can easily use your house to wash and cut the dog’s hair and nails etc.
  21. Pet Sitter – People can leave their pets with you and you can watch them and charge the owners for that.
  22. Social Media Consultant – Become a social media consultant. The work is easy and one doesn’t need a degree for that.
  23. Photographer – You can click pictures and sell them off to websites or other places.
  24. Gift Basket Decorator – Decorate baskets that people might need for gifting purposes.
  25. Bicycle Repair Professional – You can be a bicycle repair professional and fix the bicycles of the kids around the block.
  26. Furniture Designer – If you know to work with axe and wood, you could become a furniture designer as well.
  27. Baker – If you know how to bake, then you can bake and sell your baked foods to earn money.
  28. Online teacher for various subjects – Become a teacher online and help students on the subjects that you are good in.
  29. Jam seller – If you know how to make jam, you can be a jam seller.
  30. Caterer – Prepare food at home and send it to weddings or parties.
  31. Florist – Design beautiful bouquets and either sell them online or in your locality.
  32. Fundraiser – organise events to raise funds for a cause.
  33. Design an App for the mobiles – Make mobile apps and earn money with that.
  34. Landscape designer – You could become a landscape designer as well. You don’t have to own a office or work full time
  35. Shirt Designer – Make or design funky shirts or t-shirts. Let your creative side help you ear.
  36. Life Coach – Life coach will give consultations online or over the phone.
  37. Henna Designer – Henna designer is another great option. You can make henna designs and make great money.
  38. Wedding Planner and Coordinator – Plan people’s wedding and earn great bucks.
  39. Professional Blogger – Earn money by blogging online. Review products and services and get paid in return.
  40. Personal shopper – Shop for people who can’t go out of the house like the seniors.
  41. Glass Blower – One can be a glass blower as well. Make your glass designs and earn from your home.
  42. Publicist – Another great option is to become a publicist and make a career out of it.
  43. Travel Planner – Make vacation plans and tours for people.
  44. Vacation Rental Owner – Rent your place to people who are vacationing.
  45. Christmas tree Farmer – You can grow Christmas Tessa and sell them during the festive season.
  46. Handmade Card Maker – Let your creative side flow and makes a personalised handmade card.
  47. Dress designer – If you have a good choice in clothes, then you can even design dresses for the people.
  48. Bed and Breakfast Operator – Start your own bed and breakfast.
  49. Drone Trainer -You could be a drone trainer and earn money while you do that.
  50. Dog Trainer – If you are good around dogs then become a dog trainer and discipline them while earning money.

Pick whichever you like and feel comfortable doing so that you won’t regret it in future. So there you have it! Easy and fun business ideas that can be started right from your home.