There are many videos which are best in the market for both Mac and Windows. It has defined the word of a media player with a few limitations to a software that plays a audio or a video file. Users are all aware of favorite media players which are available in the market like Real Player, VLC, KM player etc. 5K player stands different and reformulates the definition for a media player 5K player is a combination of free video, music player with AirPlay and DLNA enabled media streaming and online downloader.

Special Features

5K media player provides many more advantages than a media player. 5Kplayer is a media player which is safe. It doesn’t have any virus, or malware even the annoying ads. This is a free player which supports more useful features like AirPlay streaming, free downloading of video and audio files.

  • It provides the benefits of streaming video and audio files with DLNA and free AirPlay without affecting its quality.
  • Besides it plays 5K or 4K or 1080p videos with a novel design.
  • Users can download Videos from any applications like Dailymotion, youtube, Vimeo and other online sharing video sites.
  • Without losing the data or quality one can download and stream AAC, MP3 music by wirelessly streaming the audio files.
  • It Supports the established video codecs which include MPEG, h.264, VP8,9,10, and others.
  • 5K player can download directly mp3 video files from YouTube URL
  • Plays different radio stations through online.
  • Users can download videos from different websites and around 300+ videos once registered for free.
  • While playing 4K videos it decodes the video through GPU, thereby reducing the load to CPU.
  • DearMob iPhone Manager gives a safe and straightforward way to restore and backup the data. It enables its users to easily switch between iPhone and iPad which is new.

5K player-AirPlay

One can stream videos and music from their iPod, iPhone or iPad directly to their Windows 10 computer and enjoy it from a larger screen. One can screen record and play from their Apple devices. It can be used for different reasons like presentation, education, gaming, and training AirPlay have proved to be very useful in the absences of Apple TV’s and for a more substantial screen sharing.AirPlay also helps in mirroring and screen recording with a storage facility, assisting in saving recorded videos and playing with sound from a computer. 5K player helps in streaming wirelessly providing a home entertainment. 5K player is compatible with all apps and devices where AirPlay is enabled. The user can mirror both audio and video from their iPhone, iPod, iPad on to mac and an option of recording.

5K Player-DLNA

5K player comes with an inbuilt feature of DLNA renderer, server, and a controller which links billions of compatible devices. With DLNA enabled users can share their media files from Android to PC directly. Users can even stream their media from their computers to a smart TV, Xbox, and Play stations 3/4. This distinguished DLNA player supports Dolby sound which is the best fit at streaming and playing HDR, 4k, and 8K videos from computer to the TV set. This DLNA adds exorbitant features for users already having an excellent home theater facilities. It adds and manifests to the details for every game on a big screen as if the user is already there inside the pictures. It helps in turning the computer as a media server. As there is a video download utility user can save their movies, TV shows, and any movies and make it a part of media collection. Even there is a wireless access to the mobile devices, PS4 or PS3. Without any storage limit, one can play the audio or video on to their PC.

Best Hardware Acceleration

The main focus of any media player is playing Video and audio files. 5K player is backed by M2Ts, MKV, MP4, AVI, and FLV video formats. Hardware acceleration like Intel, Nvidia powers 5k player, DXVA 2.0. A much capable CPU translates to a much better performance with minimal use for decoding. Users can preview their videos which becomes handy at times, this is one of the best features in the 5K player.5K serves as the best Video player with all these Hardware accelerations. Though there is no background check, Video decoding performs well for 1080p. Users have the accessibility to check whether the hardware acceleration is on or off and the CPU usage for playing HD videos.

Best Video Downloader

The advantageous feature for 5K player is that user can download the videos online. One can download videos from different sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo etc. The user has the option of downloading the music from different sources like Soundcloud and other sharing sites. It supports AAC or FLAC or MP3 formats. This can support till 300+ videos and audio sites. It provides the best free video player among the others Without any subscription fees, the user can download the videos in different formats like MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4. This is used in converting online videos and movie soundtracks to different ringtones or music formats. This provides a solution to convert video, download YouTube music or video to make a slideshow, Capture screen etc.

Supports Radio Player and DVD and Media Player

5K player plays all DVDs which is worth noting to rip a DVD. Users can listen to their favorite radio stations. They can choose from the pre-installed radio stations or enter the URL and play. The stations include Planet Rock, Kerrang, LBC, Kisstory, XFM, Magic Classic Rock and others. The user has the flexibility of copy paste the URL which they like and play. Having said that, this is the best feature which works as expected. This software is a treasure house to store personal information or multimedia files.  From the playlist created user can manage and access the YouTube videos.

5K player installation

5K player is the best free video or media player which gives users a new method to play or download. The user can incorporate AirPlay technology and use 5K player wirelessly streaming, all video and music files on to your iPhone, iPod or on to Mac. Installing this software on Windows is effortless than any other media players. Download .exe file and click install. Users can change the folder or create a shortcut on the desktop. Users can also launch the 5K player through custom installation. If it is a windows desktop user have to check the settings to both private and public.


In a nutshell, This is one of the most impressive media players compared to others. It is one of the remarkable product which the user gets it for free. It is one of the novice devices which gives the user a different way to enjoy videos and audios. Using DLNA and AirPlay client can mirror the screen quickly and easily. They can even share the videos and data from other media.  Of course, there is a chance of getting these features in other software too. But it combines all the functionalities at one place and gives the user the best. So, 5k Player is a new style of media player which is free.