7 Changing Digital Marketing Trends in 2019


 While getting into digital marketing, most of us are aware of the fact that it is not going to be the same forever and our marketing tactics need to change as the trends keep changing. But the recent trends may not be as per many people’s liking.

Let us see the latest trends and what is in store for the future in the field of digital marketing

  1. SEO Changes:

SEO, as we know it today, may change in the coming years. As we are aware that voice search is growing in recent years where people just speak into their microphones of smartphones or laptops. Statistics suggest that 30% of these voice searches are being conducted through devices which do not have a screen also like Alexa or Google Home.

You may not like voice search for the very fact that most of the time it may not even take the user to your website but just give the information to the user.

Don’t worry, not everything is bad news here. Many marketers are still not looking into making their website voice search optimized hence you may be the few early marketers who would implement this on your website to stay ahead in the game.

  1. Complex Algorithm Updates:

We are aware that Google or any other search engine for that matter keeps changing their algorithms every year. Small changes are inevitable but big changes can affect your website’s ranking. In 2015 when Google introduced Panda update, a lot of websites lost their high ranking overnight as this update ranked high-quality contents higher and got rid of spammy low content sites from its list. In 2016, Google again came up with a Penguin 4.0 update which majorly targeted spammy links of sites just to get some backlinks.

The latest algorithm updates are about contents or backlink counts but it mainly focuses on what users love by evaluating metrics link bounce rate, time spent on a site and click-through-rate. Google is going to make efforts to perfect their algorithms so that they can rank a site, which users love, higher.

  1. Only Uploading New Contents Won’t Work:

Around 10 to 15 years ago, there were not many blogs out there, and the web lacked content hence Google loved content and ranked any blog just because of lack of content. Today there are about 1 billion of blogs out there out of which many are not being updated.

Google does not lack content anymore but there are too many contents out there hence Google needs to choose and index these contents hence your blog may get lost in the ocean of blogs.

As Google ranking is no longer dependent on backlinks but focuses more on the user experience, hence it is not just important to write new contents, but you should also focus on regularly updating your old contents.

  1. Focus on New Search Engines:

To rank well on Google will take forever, so what should you do? It is high time to switch to a new search engine which can give you faster results without much of SEO. It is YouTube which is one search engine which has been doing really well in the last few years as people are more interested in watching videos than reading the content.

  1. Preferred Content-Type:

Written contents are great, but most people are losing patience to read something when they can easily find a video on similar content hence provide content variety to the users. The podcast is also able to engage many audiences nowadays. Users are not interested in one content type, someone at work would like to read the content whereas someone at home would want to watch a video and another who is on the run may wish to just hear it hence providing multiple options to access your content will become much preferable by the user.

  1. Access Friendly Websites:

Websites created with the aesthetic appeal in mind but not thinking much about the accessibility by everyone including the disabled is not going to do well in the future Website accessibility is an important aspect today and in the future as a site created to be accessible to all will be easy to navigate by every user. Hence focus on creating a web design which complies with section 508 for website building so that it is easily accessible to every individual.

  1. Focusing on One Channel Won’t Work:

There are many marketing channels that can be used to build a company’s client base. For example, there are multiple social media platforms that can be used to get more customers to your site, Most marketers focus on one social media channel or marketing tactics to increase their business but the market is volatile and just depending on one channel to create business may be risky. Remember how Google suddenly announced to discontinue Google Plus?

Combining different channels to grow a business is very important as algorithm changes in one platform will not at least affect your customer flow from another end.

Knowing about the future trends and acting upon it timely can be a game changer for you because while other businesses may struggle to keep up, you must have become an expert hence use these changes to your advantage so that your business can rank higher and profit more.