7 Common Hiring Mistakes The SMEs make

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Seven Hiring Blunders You Must Avoid

Did you know that hiring a bad employee means losing 30% of the position’s annual salary? Making a hiring mistake is worse than not having the vacancy filled! If that surprised you, then you must know 7 common mistakes that employers often make! 

From a bad job description or a hasty hiring decision to lackluster use of technology, hiring blunders can be disastrous! And, these disasters can prove costly for SMEs that are looking forward to consistent growth. 

Your startup cannot afford to make a bad hire mistake, as every development connects you with your client and your reputation.

In this article, we reveal seven mistakes that recruiters commonly make and a list of recommendations from RPO service providers to avoid these mistakes.

7 Hiring Mistakes That Can Break Your Reputation

A Bad Job Description 

A job description is probably the first window to your hiring requirements. Messing up with the description means you are left in the company of the wrong candidates. Also, you might end up hiring them too! 

The job description describes the roles and responsibilities of the job and how the employees are expected to perform. While recruiters have clear expectations set for new recruits, most job descriptions usually lack clarity and fail to communicate the real requirements. Top RPO service providers attribute poor documentation as the major reason for hiring failures.

Here is how the top recruiters recommend describing a job requirement

  • Be clear and crisp with descriptions. You can use bullet pointers for clarity
  • Clear, descriptive job titles are essential to attract the right candidates at the get-go.
  • Inclusive language is essential to enhancing candidate engagement
  • Be specific about skills, company values, and expectations

Hiring In Haste

A super busy season might be the reason you are looking around to rush and hire new candidates. But did you know that hiring in haste could result in selecting the wrong person? This can be disastrous for the company in the long run. Recruitment without a proper strategy ends up getting people entwined with the wrong team. They would not be able to align with the visions and values of the company.

Instead, you can seek the help of RPO services that closely analyzes the hiring requirements of a company and make proactive decisions to avoid the last-minute rush.

Insufficient Hiring 

Startups and SMEs usually tend to grow their business with their limited permanent staff, thereby overburdening them with endless tasks. But this will only help in making them tired and demotivated. Slowly their productivity gets affected. Hence, it is always better to hire recruits to ensure a seamless operation.

When the SMEs realize that they are understaffed, they go for rampant hiring. New employees are immediately put into jobs, which again affects the overall productivity immensely. RPO services make perfect sense in these contexts. They help companies with their recruitment process by analyzing and strategizing the hiring needs of the company.

Evading Turnover Possibilities

Not anticipating churn rates is perhaps the biggest mistake small business owners often make. Even the best and most reliable recruits may decide to leave companies within a few months of joining. Startups must realize that churn rates are unavoidable, and anticipating the situation is the best remedy to avoid massive loss.

RPO services provide organizations with an adequate talent pool. It is highly recommended for startups to seek RPO services in case of unexpected attrition.

Skipping Background Checks

Pre-employment background checks are a vital HR dogma that recruiters tend to skip. No matter how efficient a candidate is, ensure that the experiences or the educational qualifications they claim to possess are promptly verified. Mutual trust is an important aspect that helps launch a relationship that lasts a long time.

Ignoring Technology

There is no doubt that technology has become an indispensable aspect of the recruiting process, and ignoring their presence is the biggest mistake one can make. From sourcing techniques to effectively onboarding the candidates, technology plays a vital role in facilitating efficient hiring.

Ensure that the right technology is used to screen and source the candidates. You can also make the most of your time by conducting phone or video interviews.

Poor Interview Preparation

To hire the right candidates, interviewers will also have to prepare properly. Recruiters must be aware of the responsibilities the position holds. Check with the hiring managers to identify what skill sets, qualifications, and talents are required for the job. Also, make the candidate experience better by following an interview preparation checklist.

  • Set interview dates suitable for both recruiters and candidates.
  • Share information like what the interviews have in store for them.
  • Inform candidates about the documents they need to carry and the attires they are expected to wear.