7 Smart Ways to Promote Your Brand on Facebook

7 Smart Ways to Promote Your Brand on Facebook

Facebook has become the most populated social network and if you are not there you are missing a large number of audiences. All type of people is using Facebook now, which means you can reach your customers on Facebook no matter what product or services you are promoting.

First of all you need to have your brand page setup and well equipped with all necessary information and contact details. Add pictures and attractive cover image etc. Once you are done you need to promote it to reach your targeted audience and here are some smart ways to market your brand on Facebook.

Be Regular in Posting:

This is the first and most important step you need to do. No matter what you are posting you need to be regular so that your audience can learn about your brand every day. You can publish updates, blog posts, offer, promotions, discounts coupons, new arrivals, questions, feedbacks, success stories etc. There are tools like hootsuite  that can automate your social media posting, you can try them too.

1 – Publish Multimedia Posts:

Graphics and videos catch the attention of visitors and most of the people read them or watch the video. So, instead of writing a dry text, try to put that text in image with some colors and design and then publish them on page it will target your audience.

2 – Interact With Your Audience:

Just posting is not enough; you need to know what activities your audience is performing on your brand page. If someone contacts you on your page, reply them immediately. Keep an eye on comments, shares and try to tag people who most of times like, share or comment on your posts.

3 – Use Hashtags Effectively:

Hash tags are the soul of page promotion if used wisely. You need to make a little research on what are your targeted search terms and hastags. Use similar hash tags, avoid unnecessary tags and try to use short tags.

4 – Like box on You Website:

This is necessary and everyone is doing that. You need to show your website visitors that you exist on Facebook and they can like your page in order to get latest updates and promotions.

5 – Use Fan Page URL in Email Signature:

By doing this you will be able to remind your prospects and customers that you are on Facebook and in this way you will get a lot of new followers for your page.

6 – Connect with other social networks:

If you are on other platforms, like instagaram, youtube, twitter. It would be great to integrate them all so that your audience can get updates there and you can reach more people there and get more people for your brand page on Facebook.

7 – Get likes from a trusted supplier:

I would not recommend you to invest money in Facebook ads as they are expensive you will not get targeted people. However there are some 3rd party providers of Facebook likes and you need to choose a trusted supplier for purchasing fan on Facebook. What they will do they will put your fan page URL on high traffic pages having millions of likes and when your page is seen by a large number of audience you will get a lot of real Facebook likes.

I hope these tips will not only improve your brand awareness but will also bring more customers for your business and this is ever lasting thing you can invest for you business.