AutoGraph raises $2.7M in Series B

What does Autograph do?

Autograph, lets people realize their interests and helps marketers drive response rates. It is a developer of technology which provides consumers with private, personalized mobile experiences. It allows the users to get targeted deals, music and other services without giving up personal info. It allows businesses to find more than 5500 dimensions about their consumers, allowing businesses to serve what matter to them.

How much Autograph was funded?

Autograph has raised  $2.7M  in Series B on May 28th, 2015 from the investors Alliance of Angels and Voyager Capital.

Previous funding

$3M in Series A funding on February 13, 2012

What is next for Autograph?

The latest funding brings the total investments in the company to $7.4 million.

Autograph will use the latest funding raised for expanding its product offerings and new products and business development in U.K and U.S. The company is set for a further strong growth this year and round of funding to help increase its product development and company growth. Henry Lawson, CEO of Autograph said that there is clear demand for their technology which focuses on personal preference and proximity and it is just a matter of using it as quickly and intelligently as possible.

More about Autograph

Autograph was founded on March 21st, 2011 by Brain Roundtree and Henry Lawson. It has its headquarters in London. From the brands, music, TV programs and movies you like and do not like Autograph generates a customized interest graph with cross reference and analysis that overlaps amongst 5500 signals for every brand. It works with many retailers and finance institutions and mobile carrier on enhancing monetization and engaging with their mobile consumers via its patented technology, which is used for creating personal interest profiles with online identities. Customers can change or delete their identity when they choose, providing them the power to choose what info they receive.