Best 5 Multi vendor Shopping Cart Software Solutions


Did Michael Aldrich, the founder of e-commerce, envision the phenomenal growth of e-commerce industry? No, by all accounts. Amid the barrage of multi vendor shopping cart platforms, customers are left with no respite as the onus is on them to choose the best multivendor shopping cart software. With many offline businesses embracing ecommerce, this industry has become immensely lucrative. However, as an e-commerce consultant, I do not appreciate dubious multi vendor marketplace software players that betray customers by promising the moon and subsequently delivering a pile of grime. It is in this context, I have taken pains to bring to your knowledge the best 5 multivendor shopping cart software solutions.

Here is a brief on the same:


Yo!Kart is a multi-vendor ecommerce software that outpaces other solutions in the areas of reliability, scalability, customizability, and functionality. It allows you to run your marketplace on your server, gives you complete control over architecture & framework, and even provides one year of free technical support.

You don’t need to be a technical geek to understand how your online marketplace is set up and managed. All the components are rationally structured, and to help you more, the Yo!Kart team provides you a demo of the solution both before and after the purchase.

The multi-vendor marketplace platform is replete with in-built ecommerce features for admin (owner of the marketplace), vendors and buyers

1. Aesthetically designed for personalized shopping experience

2. Vendors can create their own storefronts with 

3. Optimized marketplace for every platform, including tablets and mobile devices.

4. Multiple payment options such as Payment Gateways, Pay at Store, Wallet, etc. 

5. Automate the creation of a product catalogue to organize or keep data in an electronic record to help merchants and buyers.

6. Tax management APIs like Taxjar, Avalara help online marketplaces navigate complex tax structures across the world.

7. Automate the supervision of inventory to streamline the supply chain.

8. Examine the right data to improve your customer experience, gain new customers and improve the conversion rate through analytics & reporting functionality.

9. Empower yourself and your customers to track the shipment and manage cross-border documentation by synthesizing shipping data.

10. Readymade mobile apps for business growth.


Growcer is a one-stop solution that builds a swift and thorough eCommerce grocery marketplace and offers readymade buyer & delivery apps. This shopping cart platform is entirely scalable and customizable. Although it is known for building grocery marketplaces, it can empower individuals or companies to start ecommerce businesses such as pharmacy, liquor and wine, furniture, electronics, etc. 

Growcer boasts all necessary and high-level features to start, manage, and expand/grow the online business-

All-inclusive: Growcer gives you everything you need for starting an eCommerce grocery business with customizable features & functionalities. Regardless of selling groceries, medicines, liquors, board games, you don’t have to add more eCommerce tools or services.

Ecommerce features: Order management, search engine, optimization, data import/export, localization settings, etc.

Marketing Features: Affiliate module, PPC module, blog integration, share & earn, etc.

Design Features: Product filters, Shortcuts, Advanced Search Module, Manageable Homepage, etc.

Product management features: Upload Product Video, Inventory management, Product Review Management, 

Smart Recommendation Module, Custom Search Filters, reward points, etc.

Reporting Features: User statistics, sales report, social media analytics, tax report, commission report, etc.

Payment features: 10+ third-party payment integrations, credit/debit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, cash on delivery. etc.

Shop management: Quick Shop Setup Product and Catalog Management, Product Performance Report, Tax Category Settings, etc.

Architecture & Security: Scalable Infrastructure, extendable, customizable, Restricted SQL injection, SSL and PCI Compliant, Data Validation and Sanitization, etc.

Apart from the above-discussed specialities, Growcer comes with one year of free technical support, free installation, and multiple support channels.


If you are looking to build the next generation e-commerce shopping cart software, ShopyGen is the ultimate choice. It is built with cutting edge technology thereby letting you concentrate exclusively on growing your ecommerce business. Scalability will be taken care of by the shopping cart solution. The underlying technology framework is MEAN stack- Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js. Many pundits have been outspoken about the exciting future of this technology and the developers of ShopyGen are known to enthusiastically monitor all trends. Building cutting edge multivendor shopping cart software is their area of expertise.

The best part about this multi vendor marketplace software is undoubtedly its robust Admin Panel. This feature lets you actively accomplish the following:

  • Store Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management

One key feature that is often absent in many of the competitor marketplace platforms is Dispute Management module. Dispute Management module lets customers and sellers engage in conversations, confabulations and deliberations. Not only does this reduce the risk of altercations, but also obviates personal vendettas. Due to the presence of this module, ShopyGen has an edge over its competitors.

The growth hackers of ShopyGen have surely gone beyond their brief to design Unique Seller Dashboards. Thanks to this dashboard, sellers can do the following:

  • Approve new products
  • Add new products
  • List all the approved products
  • Track shipments
  • Handle disputes
  • Handle subscription plans

Sellers can sell both physical and digital products. This platform is completely API driven and no matter how big your business is, this platform can handle everything. Presence of strong growth hacking features in many leading multi vendor shopping cart software solutions has sparked many customers to shift from other platforms to ShopyGen. Thanks to seller subscription revenue model, sellers can improve their earnings. And yes, ads and sponsorships do contribute to sellers’ earnings. To know more about ShopyGen’s other features such as responsive design and payment gateways integration, head on to


Is Sharetribe the best multi vendor marketplace software? May be not. Is Sharetribe one of the best multi vendor marketplace software? Definitely yes. If you have a meritorious idea, you can implement it on the fly by leveraging this platform. Right from facilitating peer to peer rentals and site for booking services, this marketplace platform lets you implement any idea. Sites built on this marketplace are easy to customize and simple enough to monetize.

To foster global transactions, PayPal payment gateway is integrated. For your information, PayPal is accepted in more than 190 countries and 25 plus currencies. This lets sellers earn from each and every transaction. This aesthetically designed platform is available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and German apart from English. This platform will be made available in other languages as well.You need not worry about data and code. You are the owner of your code and data. Users look for memorable online shopping experiences. Hence, it is important to have features such as filters and categories to enable easy browsing. Sharetribe has such features in abundance. Filtering can be done based on parameters such as location, keywords etc.

Sharetribe has an endearing feature called ‘Storefront’ which is bound to bring smiles on the faces of customers. Storefront is nothing but a full-fledged dedicated page which displays bios and listings of sellers. There is also a provision to follow sellers. Customers can thus keep themselves abreast of new offerings, discounts etc.

Ecommerce sites built by using this multivendor marketplace software look good on each and every device. Target audiences and customers are bound to have great time browsing your site on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. To know more about its pricing plans and other features, head on to Sharetribe now.


Magento is one of the most popular multi vendor shopping cart software solutions. More often than not, large scale retailers prefer this platform for its host of features such as high level of security, maximum scalability, awesome templates, responsive themes etc. There is an inherent disadvantage with Magento. You are expected to have some technical expertise of backend system. While Magento Community Edition is open source and available for free, it takes immense experience and expertise in coding to publish your store according to your own whims and fancies. If you are a whip smart technocrat, this works fine. Otherwise, you should opt for Magento Enterprise Edition which costs you $15000 per year. Sometimes, it can go as high as $77000 per year.

Magento is very expensive and this is one of the many reasons why it is losing its customers to new entrants such as ShopyGen. To know more about Magento and its features, visit


Reputed ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy encourage vendors to sell their own brands by creating their own store. This requires a small investment. This however requires sellers to be efficient with back-end management. Again, the thrill of owning a multivendor marketplace is ineffable. Customer support of all are great. If brand equity is your defining parameter, opt for Magento, provided you have deep pockets. If you are looking for exceptional service, cost effective and feature rich multi vendor shopping cart.

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