The Best Photo Editing App for Mobile and PC

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You must be aware of the various photo editing apps available on smartphones and must be pondering which one is better. Here I have compared the features of iPhoto with other apps available for image editing. iPhoto offers a range of striking features as compared to any other image editing tools. Nonetheless, other image processing/editing tools like Picasa and Adobe Photoshop offer colour balancing and light adjusting features similar to iPhoto for PC. So the question is ‘how is iPhoto better? Well, iPhoto outshines the other tools by offering noise reduction and better control over lighting features. Not only this, iPhoto is more visually appealing than any other tools and presents its features in much simpler and clearer ways. You can create slideshows of your images using iPhoto which is unarguably better and more professional looking than created by using any other tools. You can easily print your photos with iPhoto. On the other hand, you might need to export pictures first through some third party software for taking prints if you are using other image processing tools. Another awe-inspiring characteristic of iPhone includes the provision of full-screen mode in Os X Lion and Mountain Lion.

On the contrary, a major drawback of using iPhoto is that it is very slow as compared to Picasa. Google’s Picasa is the most proximal feature to iPhoto for Windows platform.Picasa is a freeware launched by Lifescape in the year 2002.Like iPhoto, it has got numerous features enabling photo editing, sharing and uploading. Picasa 3.9 is the latest version supporting Windows 7, XP and Vista. Linux versions of Picasa were also available since 2006 and a beta version of Picasa was launched for Mac in 2009.Another powerful image editing tool Photoshop Elements from Adobe offers better and more diverse options by helping in organizing audio, video or PDF files. Photoshop elements has some impressive and photo manipulative features which offers a new feature called ‘Camera Shake Reduction’. It does not work very well for overly shaken photos but works wonders if the camera was shaken in moderation while capturing photos. Another amazing feature is ‘haze removal’ which works well for uniformly hazed images.A new speeding effect available in the Quick select tool helps to variate the speed of a moving object in a video.Photoshop may be a bit confusing to use for some users as compared to iPhoto for windows.

All the pictures you take using iPhoto can be organised with respect to places, faces or events. A 64 bit support and other optimizations tools help making the process go smoother. Apple’s new photos app has now replaced iPhoto providing with some better storage and organization of pictures using iCloud storage.Another photo editor app used on an android platform called Lidow is an easy to use app which saves you from the hassle of learning the complex features. However, it only offers a set of limited features for photo editing. The android favourite VSCO cam is the most downloaded photo application. It has got some more professional grade features for photo editing than the other available apps.

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