Best Way to Erase Data from iPhone

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A lot of people using the iPhone may have encounter challenges on how to wipe their phone’s data permanently. This new device requires their users to fully understand how to operate and manage them properly to maximize their functionality. There are particular routes to follow to secure your files such as the passwords, accounts, notes, and contacts without leaking them to other people. These are some of the process procedures on how to personally erase your phones data without any chances of recovering the data whatsoever.

Method 1. Factory reset your iPhone

You can opt to factory reset your device to make it primarily return to the same state in which you acquired the device at. This will enable you to erase all the data and personal files that you may have saved on your iPhone device. This will include the personal accounts, folders and other basic information that you might have saved it to be permanently deleted.

This will, however, require you to; take your iPhone and go to the Settings Menu and select the general option. Choose from the erase all contents and settings option. Wait for the prompt pop asking you to confirm if you are sure you want to delete the phone’s data completely. Click to confirm and all the iPhones data will be factory reset immediately.


Method 2. Erase Data from iPhone with SafeWiper for iOS

The SafeWiper iPhone Data Eraser can be another better option one can use to erase your phone’s data beyond recovery permanently. This program is the best-assured method one can use to have your iPhone’s data completely securely. This process once used to erase the data it cannot be recovered whatsoever. Mac computers and windows widely support this program hence one can comfortably use it from your personal computer.

To erase your iPhone data permanently, you should seek the help of an expert Saferwiper for iOS cleaning tool. You can completely and securely erase all personal data from your iPhone with the safe wiper for iOS tool without the possibility of leakage of information.

Here are the various modes available to erase iPhone according to your requirements.

Erase All Data

This option allows the iPhone owners to be able to delete all the data on the phone and the data cannot be recovered again. This is the best option to choose if you want to give away or sell your device as its data cannot be traced back to you in case of anything after you lay it off.


Erase Deleted Files

For sometimes in past times, you may have deleted some data and files you no longer need for one reason or the other. You are sure you are not going to see the data and files ever again, but then some people know how to access to data loss with the help of data recovery tools. This program could erase all data including contacts, messages, photos, call history, videos, whatsapp and more.  Take a look at this tutorial on how to delete photos from iPhone with easy.

This way usually permits an individual to search all the cranny and nook of their device for all the data and files that were previously deleted. You can then go through these files and go ahead to delete all those are not important to you or even delete all. With this process, all your data are now fully obscured and can never be seen.


Method 3. Use a computer to delete all data from your iPhone

A computer is another perfect equipment that one can use to have all your iPhones data completely deleted. The computer offers excellent access to a phone once its data is connected to it via a USB data cable.

First, you will have to connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB data cable. The computer will detect your device and iTunes will automatically start up. At this point you can be able to access all your data and files, you can choose on the files that you need to erase and have them deleted from your phone through the computer permanently.

However, if you need to have some applications deleted, you may have to consider doing the process manually from your iPhone device. The process only allows one to delete multimedia files, folders and documents only by the use of the computer.

These are some of the ways you should use to erase data from your iPhone. Get to know all today.