Binomo Trading Platform Review – It’s Safe & Legal in India

Trade in India is gaining popularity today. And many traders choose among a variety of trading platforms. But how do you choose a reliable trading platform and not a scam? Find out why it is worth trading on Binomo in our review.

What is Binomo trading?

Binomo is an online platform where you are able to trading on changes in the exchange rate of currencies and other assets. Owned by Dolphin Corp, the platform creates new possibilities for its traders from all over the world. Providing services since 2014, Binomo stands as a company that provides its users access to trading technologies through a trustworthy service. However, it is available in 13 languages, including Hindi.Is it a scam or safe?

Arguably, online trading platforms are services that come with an inevitable question: “Is it fraud?”  We are aware of the understandability of that doubt, and we assure you that Binomo is not a fraud or scam. This is a company that absolutely legally works in India. And there is a good number of reasons to find it trustworthy. 

To begin with, Binomo is a company that has a physical address for the ones who want to visit it. Dolphin Corp formally registered in St Vincent and The Grenadines. 

As a company that provides service in many countries, Binomo has a VMT (Verify My Trade) certificate, which states that the company is a credible trading platform. Besides these, Binomo is also certified by a company that embodies the experts and watches that users have their right in trade fields; The Financial Commission.

Also, Binomo has multiple awards, which works for our context, as testaments. The company won the  IAIR Award in 2016, which is “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy” in their words. And before that, in 2015, the FE Award was given to Binomo. So I guess all these certificates and awards would work as proof for the platform’s safety. We assure you that Binomo is not a scam and you can feel safe to use it. How to use

As I stated earlier, Binomo has a user-friendly interface, which helps getting extra income through it is so possible for users. Signing up, using it, and trading on it will work as possible as it is. Let’s see how you may experience Binomo.

Note! If you are asking how to play Binomo you are wrong. Binomo is a trading platform, not a game. And you need analytical data and knowledge to trade.

Sign in and Login

Once you step into the world of trading, signing in Binomo is not difficult. After going into the official website, click on the yellow “Sign in” button and register through a Google or FB account which belongs to you, or just enter with an e-mail. When you’re easily done with all these, all you have to do is create a secure password. 

After you get into it, choose the account currency, and don’t forget, you will not be able to change it afterwards. Reading and accepting the Client Agreement will be the last action. Here you go! You have a brand new Binomo account.

Account Types

There are four account types of Binomo that you can choose:


Which was designed solely aiming to learn trading, demo account is the perfect choice for novice traders. After being funded with $1000 virtual funds by Binomo, every demo account is given to every trader after they register. Although you can not withdraw any cash through a Demo Account, obviously, it is an account that provides pretty beneficial education for traders.


Which is an entrance level account for online trading, Standard Account could be in usage after a deposit of a minimum of $5 (for Indian traders). Offering 40+ assets to trade and bonus up to %100 for deposit.


Gold account only possible for traders after a cumulative deposit of $500. However, it comes with its advantages obviously. Offering +45 assets to trade, bonus deposit up to 150%. And if you are having an unproductive trading week, a 5% cashback is funded by Binomo. Besides all these, a personal account manager will be in your service. Sounds nice, right?


After depositing a cumulative of $1000, traders will be able to open a VIP account. It may bonus up to %200 when replenishing a deposit this time. If you are experiencing an unproductive trading week, 10% cashback is offered by Binomo.  Besides having a personal account manager in this type of account too, the ability to conclude risk-free transactions.


After you start trading through your correct forecasts, you will need to withdraw funds. You will need bank cards or e-wallets from which you made a deposit. This way also prevents inconveniences through withdrawal processes. 

To get your extra earned, log into your Binomo account, and go through the steps of clicking on the menu where you can find “Cashier” (“Balance” for app users). After clicking it, press the “Withdraw funds” button. After you specify the payout amount, specifying the payment method will be your last easy step to getting your income.

Note! When withdrawing funds, consider the limit of your payment system and Binomo. It cannot exceed $ 3,000 per day, $ 10,000 per week and $ 40,000 per month.


For its users, educational materials provided by Binomo freely, to make an easier trading process. On occasions when the user is a new trader, tips and strategies, education through those materials, and practice essential for learning. Binomo is giving you the service of improving in trading by these: Glossary of terms, Strategies, Help center. And of course, a free Binomo video education.


If you would like to diversify your trading skills or just to test them before starting to trade, Binomo Tournaments is a great chance for you. You can participate by clicking on the “Tournaments”, which you can see at the left of the panel. 

There are two types: as paid and free, each type of tournament offers a unique prize pool. And of course, you may reach tournaments through all types of devices (PS or mobile). Just check if you have funds in your account for paid ones. Remember that the funds are automatically charged when you register for the tournament.

Download the Binomo app

If you have an android device, Google Play will be your access to download the Binomo mobile App. On iOS, the App Store is where you install it. For the ones who are having any kind of problems about downloading the app, Binomo apk is also in usage (only for Android). I’ll leave the official link for it right here:


Faisal Sia: “I find Binomo to be a very interesting and helpful platform. It is completely safe to begin with, for newcomers in the field as well as veterans.”

Chetan Grover: “The best way to develop skills in online trading – the platform is Binomo. Anybody opting for online trading should trust Binomo. Best regards!”

Kamakshi Srivastava: “Binomo is no doubt one of the best  platforms for online trading. Binomo should be given a shot from individuals interested in online trading.”


Binomo is offering a great number of opportunities for both beginner and experienced traders. While at home, getting extra income through your trades is possible through the help of a legal platform in India. Although the risks that traders take while trading, which is the risk of losing the deposit, partly or totally, which may happen through any platform; Binomo is offering many opportunities for giving it a chance of gaining experience in trading.