Bitcoin Flip Trading Game- exiting trading simulation app for beginners

We hear daily updates and new buzz around cryptocurrencies in social media and news.  Cryptocurrencies have even been declared as future money by financial experts. It is certainly possible because even the Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein is exploring other asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, to fix their wealth woes. Many are neck deep into crypto while other are just at the starting their journey. That is why developers have made Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator, to help rookies gain knowledge through practice without any risk and no real money involved. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator allows beginners to start their crypto journey step by step. The app introduces traders to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Monero and Ripple. These cryptocurrencies are the major buzz makers lately. Every trader receives a deposit of $ 5000 virtual money but if it is insufficient for you and you want a bigger investment size, you can purchase additional virtual money with real money. The main aim of the app is to allow new traders to create their own unique trading strategy with no risk, no real money and a realistic experience as compared to the real trading markets in fun way. The app follows the real market movement 24/7 because the crypto-market never sleeps. Bitcoin Flip is infused with good visual elements that help traders break down market and price movements in a fun and exciting way.

Bitcoin Flip will give beginners knowledge that is more relevant to the crypto market because they will be gained through practice. The app is provides a fun and competitive environment as users can connect their social media account to it and compete with other traders from around the world. There is even a ranking system showing the most successful traders on the leaderboard. One other advantage of the app is that it is ad-free so there will be no interference while trading.

When you start to feel more confident in trading, Bitcoin Flip offers you to go one step further. The app has links to real market brokers in which you can start trading in the real cryptocurrency markets. The brokers list consists of well-known brokers like Etoro, Plus500 and EasyMarket. The app more catered for beginners however a lot of our current users are professional traders that enjoy the app as well. Bitcoin Flip also acts as a platform for users to develop or revamp their investment strategy. Be on top of the game with cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator and happy trading!