Blue Pillar raises $10M

What does Blue Pillar do?

Blue Pillar, is a provider of Internet of Things, connecting all Energy things. The company provides distributed energy asset management software for telecom, data centers, military facilities, higher education and government facilities. The company  turns the on premise energy assets into actionable microgrids. This platform reduces enterprise energy expenditure and boosts critical energy asset security, compliance, management and new energy market cash flows from programs such as demand response.

How much Blue Pillar was funded?

Blue Pillar raised $10M in undisclosed round on January 6, 2017 from Claremont Creek Ventures, Allos Ventures, Arsenal Venture Partners, EnerTech Capital, GXP Investments and Elevate Ventures.

Previous funding

$1.03M in Series A on July 8, 2010

$7M in Series B on May 1, 2012 from Claremont Creek Ventures, Arsenal Venture Partners, OnPoint Technologies and Allos Ventures

$3.7M on June 12, 2014

$14M in undisclosed on March 16, 2015 from EnerTech Capital, Allos Ventures and Maryland Venture Fund.

What is next for Blue Pillar?

The company is well positioned for competing in an energy IoT market reshaping how consumers consume electricity. The company is looking forward to working with its customers and investors for rapidly bringing the much necessary disruption to the energy industry.

More about Blue Pillar

Blue Pillar was founded on March 3, 2006 by Joe Scoufis, Brad Witter and Eric Reichel. It has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. This platform was installed at commercial facilities and large energy providers such as Target, Walmart and Comcast and at higher education campuses. As a result it won the Gid Edge Energy Management award. This award honors only innovators and leaders from the energy industry. This company was 1 in 18 finalists chosen from a hundred and seventy nomination from thirty countries. The company is leading an energy transformation. It is connecting the energy things which power our planet.