1. LG Optimus One

This smart phone is an android smart phone and consists of almost all the basic features  which android smart phones will need, which makes this phone ideal for entry level smart phone users and budget smart phone buyers. Over a million handsets were sold of this globally which earns it a right to call a blockbuster phone. It’s got a poor onscreen keypad and speed of the phone’s processor is slow with built in games.

2. Huawei Ideos

This smart phone uses the most updated version of android and is powered up to use the most basic tasks of a smart phone too. It is an inexpensive smart phone with replaceable back covers in different colors. It has Wi-Fi and an in built A-GPS. Unfortunately the battery life will not last more than a day and the size of the screen and the resolution are low when compared to what a smart phone must have. However, Huawei claims they worked close with Google to produce the phone which is a smart phone within budget.

3. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8/ Mini

This smart phone is great for those who are using android smart phones for the first time and want a glimpse of what android is all about. This stylish smart phone from Sony is quite affordable. This smart phone has a compact and chic design that goes hand in hand featuring the reasonable pricing. But this phone had its flaws too like the inconsistent interface zooming, flash is not supported in the browser and a small screen for a smart phone and the camera is not so good too.

4. HTC Wildfire

If you need a touch screen smart phone within budget then you must look no further as the HTC Wildfire is a great budget smart phone with 3.2 inch touch screen with 5 MP camera and connectivity options such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. the 384 MB RAM is a good addition to the speed, but the phone is stuck on the Android 2.1 version of OS. It is highly focused on the youth as many apps are created in the device.

5. LG GW620

If you are still addicted to the regular phones that start up with actual physical keyboard then LG GW620 is the perfect phone for you. This phone has a Qwerty key pad in 5 lines with well spaced buttons along with in built backlight. It will not suit the design of the innumerable android users and also and  for its great battery, good specifications and affordable price tag. This smart phone must be taken into consideration as it is a revolutionary product.

You must know your needs and requirements when it comes to your smart phone usage. You have to consider the other phone factors such as life cycle of battery, the screen display and the touch screen capabilities when choosing your best  budget android smart phone . The latest version of the android operating system the better smart phone it is. You must stick to your budget and also keep your lifestyle in mind when you are selecting the best smart phone which suits your personality.