Business With Liquid Perfumery: Profitable And Interesting


Nowadays, many people want to start their own business, which would bring them both profit and pleasure. But most of the time you have to choose between these two concepts. And in this unequal struggle, as a rule, the profit wins. If, however, one manages to find a business that combines both, the question arises where to get the money for its creation and promotion. For sure, if you are interested in this article, you are also looking for something better.

That’s why in this article we want to tell you about a business that has a high yield, and doing it is a pleasure. This is not just an idea, this is a really working business.

We present you the business of selling liquid perfumery! The popularity of this business can be easily explained: firstly, every day people devote more and more time to their appearance and image, but the economic situation does not allow them to spend much money on luxury cosmetics and perfumes. Secondly, perfumery is one of the best gifts for any holiday.

If you have not yet encountered the liquid perfumery, we will tell you a little more about how it differs from the usual perfumes that are sold in perfume stores.

Liquid Perfumery or Spill Perfumery is one of the types of sales, which allows you to buy high-quality perfumes for relatively little money. Thus, it provides versions of the perfumes of the world brands.

Spill Perfumery repeats the previously created fragrance, but makes it available to everyone. After all, when buying it, the buyer pays only for the fragrance itself, not for the brand and its promotion. At the same time, the technological process of liquid and elite perfumes production is identical.

Although liquid perfumes are not considered to be elite, they can be considered a high quality version of the famous brands’ fragrances.

Let’s talk about the business of selling liquid perfumery.

– First, it is best to open a liquid perfume outlet in a large shopping center, in a cosmetics store department or in the supermarket’s checkout area. This will provide you with a great passability for people who may be interested in this product. The main advice is not to place a point in expensive malls, because customers there are focused on a slightly different level of products.

– Secondly, to open a point of sale can cost an area of only 1-4 sq.m. You can choose the most suitable option for you shopping equipment: from a very small bay (1 sq.m.) to an island in a shopping center (4 sq.m.).

This type of business provides several options for doing business – it can be the main business, consisting of a single point of sale or a whole network, or as an option to expand your existing business (if you own a store or a department selling cosmetics, perfumes or any other products for women).

To start with, you will need investments, as in the case of any business. However, the amount needed to open your own liquid perfume outlet is quite reasonable.