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Brand, happens to be a buzz word these days, with the world getting more and more conscious about the product they are using, and companies spending millions of dollars to promote their brand. Brand, positioning in all true sense is but a tradeoff between, the dollars the companies spend and how easily consumers associate themselves …


Does domain name impact social media marketing? When opening a new website, one of the primary and most imperative decisions you have to make is choose a domain name. That selection will impact the website’s achievement in nearly each area, included search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). Let’s inspect how a domain name impact …


As a person is known by his/her name, so is a business. A name many a times becomes image of a company or business. Name is a critical aspect of brand and its marketing strategy. Business name contribute heavily towards brand recall and retention by any customer which is crucial for any business.Various words, letter …