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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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As the world is moving towards the digital age, businesses must also quickly adapt to this change by implementing the use of technology.  The playing fields have certainly widened and in order to make huge profits, businesses need to learn new ways of selling their products to a wider number of audiences. There are countless …


Many business people are aware that a press release can provide some valuable oxygen to your marketing campaign or boost sales of a product when it is featured in the media. The problem seems to be that far too many of us are a bit unsure or nervous about how to successfully put together a …

e commerce

If you have been thinking of starting your own ecommerce business – now is the perfect time. Modern SAAS ecommerce platforms like, and others, promise that in an hour you can have a functional and ready to accept orders ecommerce website. They emphasize that you do not need to have any technical skills …


For most businesses nowadays, online sales are a big part of how they survive. If your sales figures are stagnating, here are 6 routes to online sales success. Redesign the Website How your website looks and functions can have a big impact on how many products your business manages to sell. You need the website …


Guide to expenses for the self-employed Making the decision to go it alone and work independently is one of the boldest career decisions an individual can make. It also has the potential to be one of the most rewarding, opening up a whole range of exciting new possibilities and a completely different lifestyle. Given the …


We have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs. There’s a passion and ambition that keeps you going and drives every decision. You can’t help but admire that in modern business. So, if you’re considering the entrepreneurial life, congratulations! You’re already halfway there. Most people are scared off before they even get this far. There’s just …

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Common Accounting Errors that Mislead Accounting errors are not always made by people trying to get tax benefits, pull the wool over stockholders’ eyes, or line their own pocketbooks. In some cases, accounting errors can be honest mistakes. These mistakes can lead to an under- or over-reporting of company profit. If you are unsure where …


Today’s salesperson needs a mobile office to succeed in the new, technologically-savvy world of sales. Technology has always played a role in making success, but now it is more important than ever. Salesforce reports high-performing sales teams use almost three times as much technology as under-performing teams and are 800 percent more likely to be heavy tech …


How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce Salesforce is a wonderful tool to help you run your business, but sometimes you need to merge accounts within it, and this isn’t a one-click process. Fortunately, there’s only six steps and they are outlined in the following paragraphs. Before you can merge accounts in Salesforce, there are several …

reading books

Need a new way to how to view your business and move towards success? The best option would be: Try read books that give you immense pleasure of satisfaction, inspiration and get motivated to be successful. There are a lot of awesome books on business out there; however there are likewise some really exciting works …