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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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What does Square do? Square is a startup widely used for the mobile payments, has been recently moving its focus onto small business, Square today announced that it is going to cover all the Square dealers in the United States and Canada with chargeback security. That is, when purchasers decide to debate their charges of …

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What does Luminoso do? Luminoso is a start up technology that helps companies know, what individuals are stating at Twitter, Facebook, and other online social media’s and discussions at the moment. Havasi is the prime supporter and CEO of the startup Luminoso, a four-year-old organization that came out of the MIT Media Lab. Why do …

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table 8 app

What does Table8 do? Table8 is an application available on App store that permits users to discover and book the last minute restaurants at a portion of the world’s most well-known sold-out restaurants.Table8 is similar to ‘StubHub’ an online service provider for both buyers and sellers of tickets for live events. Table8 is same as …

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interior define

What does Interior Define do? Interior Define is a Chicago- based company which sells good quality furniture’s made by their local designers, now hired Crate and Barrel president Marta Calle as the Executive Chair. It has a small retail showroom in Chicago, considering it as a big marketing tool to attract the customers to simply …

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corgi app

What does Corgi do? The startup Corgi is the fastest news generating application, directly on your mobile’s lock screen is available on Google’s play store. Corgi works with the popular news reader Feedly which is now used by 5 million people. Subscribers of feedly can tap onto Corgi’s application to watch the current news and …

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mustbin 2.0

What does Mustbin do? Mustbin is a mobile application used to secure your private documents and other content taken from your mobile camera. Mustbin launched its new version mustbin2.0, currently available on IOS and Android which can be free downloaded. Unlike other applications Mustbin has provided many features like “un-send” texts. It can quickly drag your …

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signal app

What does Signal do? Signal  is an IOS application available on App store. It has released its new version of signal with many crucial features added into it, like ‘TextSecure’ protocol with which you can send messages, video texts, photos and more in an encrypted way anywhere around the world. It has designed a brand …

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What does SuperAwesome do? SuperAwesome is the world’s largest advertising and marketing platform for the children and youngsters. The London headquartered organization is obtaining the start up Ad4Kids, a Spanish company which is a portable application for the mobile developers for advertising to secure kids and teens. Why do we need SuperAwesome? The greatest children …

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What does Lumi do? YC backed Lumi is the best customization platform which now offers a different customization tools at a very cheap rate.  Lumi can change any graphic into rubber stamps, silkscreens and decals within a span of time. It provides a tool kit, which can be buyied online provided with ink and everything …

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What does Parent Co do? Parent Co designed a technology to reach the needs of current generation parents with the private social network, now acquires a new application ‘Notabli’, the Parent Co’s first product that helps parents to store their children beautiful moments like photographs, audios, videos, present location of their children and more. Why …

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