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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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What does Venux Do? is a software development company that aims to simplify the experience of computer and mobile device users. Venux helps users manage and secure personal data. Users can communicate with friends, family, and co-workers in a private environment. Venux takes a new approach to digital privacy using the H.I.P.S.™ principle to keep …

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What does UMyProto Do? We provide online services for WEB developers which could help them to save their time. The biggest our project is the WEB GUI Builder – . It’s main goal is to help developers in the prototyping of WEB Apps. With UMyProto you can make alive prototype in several simple steps! And …

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What does Chipnship Do? Chip’n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping conceptualized in July 2014 by Faisal and Monna Raja of Altlimit. It uses Amazon as its online retailer and Google Cloud Platform for hosting the application. Chip’n Ship is currently in beta test version at The platform targets the average online users …


What does SignSchool Do? is an online platform for learning American Sign Language. Using a suite of innovative interactive exercises developed in collaboration with renowned American Sign Language instructors and Deaf community members, SignSchool aims to allow anyone with an internet connection to learn American Sign Language and communicate more effectively with the Deaf community. …


Get your idea out in the world with unique names If your entrepreneurial mind has come up with a new business idea or a new product or a service you want to offer, then you need to create a brand name for the business, product, or service. Developing a name on your own is a …