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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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What does Startcelerate company Do? is a London-based startup that facilitates the investment of seed resources from established companies in startups in exchange for equity. The startup has an offline, local event named Startcelerate Pitch & Match – a three, two or one day event that brings together a selected number of startups, a …

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Ten Topmost Startup Blogs to Promote your Startup The modern age is the age of knowledge and information and for any individual seeking a successful career, prior and in-depth knowledge about their chosen field is a must. However, given the enormous amount of data and information that is available through various sources, choosing the most …

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Investors believe in startups which seem scalable which mean the business has a great potential and the startup turns into a cash cow for the investors to earn long term profit. Therefore, it becomes very crucial for the owner of the startup company to take some crucial decisions so that the startup explores its full potential and …