CB Insights Raises $10 Million

What does CB Insights do?

CB Insights,  is venture capital database. It was previously known as ChubbyBrain, is a personalized gateway for faster, smarter and friendlier intelligence on high growth private companies. The company is the best tool for those who are interested in venture capital, private equity, investment banking, corporate development, corporate innovation and strategy, consulting and angel investment. Whether it is diligence, deal sourcing or market and competitive intelligence, the company assists you in discovering the right private company info in the most efficient and comprehensive way. The company is nearly 6 yearly old whose private company data and analysis is often cited in media reports about the start ups industry.

How much CB Insights was funded?

CB Insights raised $10M in Series A funding on November 9th, 2015 from RSTP a low flying bi coastal growth stage investment firm.

Previous funding

$1.15M on August 24, 2015 from National Science Foundation

What is next for CB Insights?

 The company’s co founder and CEO Anand Sanwal said that the money from the latest funding represents its first equity round and it is not a total surprise, give the venture capital which recently was invested in other private company data and analysis companies. The company plans to use the latest funding from RSTP to invest in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis to track private markets globally. It will also accelerate product innovation and scale its research and development efforts. It is expecting to double its headcount in the coming 12 months.

More about CB Insights

CB Insights was founded on January 1, 2008 by Anand Sanwal and Jonathan Sherry. It has its headquarters in New York, New York. It is a SaaS business. The company helps you in tracking the most private companies in the world, their acquirers, their investors and the industries in which they compete to help you.