Charge OTG: Charge on-the-go

Charge OTG - World's Smallest and Smartest Powerbank which can Charge, Sync and Store Data.

What is Charge OTG for?

Charge OTG is a device which can be used to charge smart phones, sync or store data on the go (OTG). The size of this device is equal to a pack of a gum and is really convenient to carry. It can be easily attached to a keychain. Being compact in size it still provides ample of uses. This device is like a charger for a phone that is available for 24*7 even when you’re on the move.

How much is Charge OTG Crowd Funded?

Since the initial launch this product has received phenomenal response and the whole campaign has raised around 400 percent of its initial goal. . This device is on bid at

Is Charge OTG useful and exciting?

Charge OTG is extremely useful for those people who are dependent on their smartphone for myriads of tasks or carrying out their daily routines. A smartphone cannot do anything if it runs out of battery hence a cause of worry for users. But with the help of this device your phone will never be out of juice and moreover you can also store additional data on the move as well. With all the usability this device’s color or appearance can also be slightly customized according to the wishes of the customers.

More of Charge OTG?

Now charge OTG is available for all types of smartphones viz. android, I phones and windows. The developers are consistently improving the product with the help of the feedback from its customers.