Choosing the Best Security System For Your Phone

privacy guard

With the advent of smartphones it has become so much easier for users to stay connected with everyone. But, that has also increased cases of hacking into these phones and taking out important information. You would certainly not want such a thing to happen. That is why it is important to get a good security system for your phone. There will be intruders and hackers who would try to sneak into your phone, but if you have a good security in your phone they would fail to break through. Many users often get confused between an antivirus and a phone security system. The former would help in preventing and getting rid of any kind of antivirus that is likely to enter your phone while you are surfing internet. Phone security on the other hand is more like a protection to your phone so that it prevents unknown people to try and have a look at what you have in your phone. There are probably hundreds of such security systems in the market these days, but which one would be best for you? Let’s find out.

Privacy Guard

The first thing that every user should look for while installing a security app in their phone is its reliability and public reviews. Privacy Guard 3.0 is something that you can trust blindly. It has some of the most advanced features in phone security and is considered superior than other apps in this category. Many people wish for a Wi-Fi scanning tool so that they can have a check on the people who are trying to use their Wi-Fi. This security system will let you do that. You will find the scanner extremely easy to operate. In fact, you can also see the tutorial before using it. Apart from the Wi-Fi scanner, you will also have the facility for customized themes and different app lock screens.

Making the phone faster

Smartphones tend to work slowly after some time because of the excessive use of RAM in the phone. It would be great to have a feature that would allow you to clear the apps that are using up the RAM unnecessarily. Privacy Guard will let you do that. There is a special tool that helps users to free the RAM quickly. This would make the phone work faster than what it was previously. With this tool, you will also be able to check all the apps that you have been using frequently. The app will let you hibernate all those apps so that your battery lasts longer than usual.

Total privacy

When you install a privacy app you would want full privacy of your phone. Privacy Guard 3.0 will give you that. There is a certain shortcut assistant that will allow you to hide all your pictures, videos and conversations in your phone. Not only can you lock them with a password, but you will also have options to lock them with a different pattern as well. In short, if you are wondering about which app to install to keep your phone safe, then Privacy Guard is what you should use.