Codecademy: Platform for aspiring programmers to learn coding for free

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Learn to Code

What does Codecademy do? is an online education platform that provides free coding classes in 6 different programming languages such as Python, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby. It also offers classes for some of the markup languages which include HTML and CSS.

Why do we need Codecademy?

Codecademy helps individuals develop their technical skills without paying any money. It is a unique platform for students who are eager to learn different programming and markup languages in a short period of time. It is also good for advanced programmers to share their knowledge with novice programmers and help them increase their programming skills.

Who is Codecademy For?

It is designed for enthusiasts, novices, and advanced coders who can collaborate and assist each other in coding related issues. For a few courses, ‘sandboxes’ are available where people can actually test out their codes. It is a great platform for students who used to search for websites and tutorials to improve their programming or to learn a new programming language.

What makes Codecademy stand away from others?

Codecademy is a free of cost service tutorial. It has a unique approach which makes sure that lessons will be taught with a blend of fun and amusement. A huge benefit of Codecademy over other websites is that the tutorials and lessons offered by them are free of charge, while most of other websites offer paid services.

What’s next for Codecademy?

Codecademy has newly teamed up with DonorsChoose and Google as part of an attempt to boost girls’ interest in computer science subject. Codecademy has also teamed up With Online as well as Offline Coding Schools to build ReskillUSA