CoFoundersDating – Native Mobile Application that Allow Entrepreneurs to Connect


What does CoFoundersDating do?

CoFoundersDating is a native iOS mobile application that allows entrepreneurs to connect with their prospective co founders within or outside their vicinity. It allows entrepreneurs to look though a nearby screen tab which shows users nearby that are currently login in the mobile application. User may look at other user profile to look at their expertise and the co-founderexpertise that they are looking for. If user are interested in the person and their expertise, they may initiate a chat and to see the other party response to their idea and any possibility to create a start up together thereafter meeting up in person to discuss in detail.


Why do we need CoFoundersDating?

The app was created to bridge aspiring entrepreneurs together who are having trouble finding a co-founder/co-founders to build their start up in areas such as programmer, business developer, marketer, engineer, etc. Normally, entrepreneurs have to search for a co-founders website login and register before they are able to start using the website to search for their prospective co-founders. It lessens the registration process by it being a mobile application with three forms of login methods: Facebook, LinkedIn and email. Mobile penetration rate in each country is also getting high with the advancement in mobile technologies and communications platforms. With user being more mobile rather than being on desk to search based on website,this app solve the issue to search for a co-founder compared to using a website. It allows you to search wherever you are for example in a coffee joint, restaurant or while waiting for friends. You never know that during those idle times you may find the co-founders for the idea you had and he/she is able to complement you with their skills to create the start up together.

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Who is CoFoundersDating for?

Entrepreneurs to connect with their prospective co founders

Entrepreneurs who are alone in a start up and need a partner to bring it to newer heights

What makes CoFoundersDating stand out from the crowd?

The app stand out from the crowd as major competitors does not have a working app that fully concentrates on helping entrepreneurs find their co-founders. It allows the app to stand out by being the market first to create and help entrepreneurs connect to their prospective co-founders and also allows them to communicate with each other before actually meeting up in person.

What’s next of CoFoundersDating?

Next is to collect user feedback on the version that is currently in App Store whether it is bugs, enhancement, partnership or events etc. With user feedbacks the app can be further enhance to increase the user retention rate and increase the number of user using the app. Further plans are to creating an Android version to capture those users using Android phones,pro membership are also in the pipeline to allow the app to generate revenue compared to just only in-app advertisement.
The app aims to become the premier platform of choice for entrepreneurs to connect to their co founders in Asia and possibly the world.