Cogito raises $15M in Series B

What does Cogito do?

Cogito, is a leader in real time emotional intelligence solutions. This AI guides sales and service phone conversation in real time. The company provides an instant measure of customer experience. This company develops and delivers behavioral analytics software which provides emotional intelligence for service, sales and care management pros in real time. Through validated behavioral science via AI and machine learning, this company helps the most successful companies in the world improve their sales results, deliver amazing customer experiences and improving quality of care. Their cloud based app analyzes phone conversations and provides real time behavioral guidance for helping phone professionals connect better with their customers and express empathy. This platform is deployed in a lot of Fortune 500 companies in insurance, healthcare and financial enterprises with a proven track record of improving consumer satisfaction by more than 20% and agent engagement by over 50%.

How much Cogito was funded?

The company raised $15Mm in Series B on November 18, 2016 from Salesforce Ventures, OpenView and Romulus Capital.

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount in undisclosed round on June 1, 2007 from Summer@Highland

$1M in undisclosed round on December 23, 2014

$5.5M in Series A on November 9, 2015 from Salesforce Ventures and Romulus Capital

$1M in undisclosed round on May 12, 2016

What is next for Cogito?

The company plans on using the latest funding raised for continuing its customer momentum by accelerating the development and delivery of its deep learning and other advanced product capabilities. The company has announced Scott Maxwell as one its board of directors.

More about Cogito

Cogito was founded in 2007 by Joshua Feast. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The company improves emotional intelligence of phone pros via behavioral change software.its in call guidance helps the most successful companies in the work improve their sales results, delivering great customer experience and improving quality of care.