Creating a contemporary office

The space in which we work needs to be somewhere that offers both comfort and convenience in order to get the most productivity from staff. Give your staff somewhere that offers some privacy and some engagement, and add little touches for convenience and you will find that they will actually look forward to days in the office.


All thinking spaces need some greenery. For a start, the oxygen will help prevent the space from getting stuffy, and having something natural to look at can be both calming and inspirational. Pallet succulent gardens make an attractive wall hanging and are easy to create. Use window boxes to add further greenery. Have a Cool Dehumidifier to reduces the level of humidity in the air or to eliminate musty odor.


Deciding whether to opt for sitting or standing desks is a modern conundrum business owners battle with! Many staff would prefer both options. In any case, any seating furniture must take into consideration their very real need for comfort, in order to avoid RSI.

Although an open office like Commercial cabins by encourages teamwork and transparency,it may be necessary to offer staff space to make calls or write reports in a more private setting. As such, using some kind of glass partitions can solve this problem, giving an open feel but with necessary individuality.


Where possible, harness the natural light within your office. Whilst at work, having the illusion of freedom in the form of what you can see provides a sense of calm and helps staff to focus. Choose lighting that matches the feel of the furniture and can be softened to suit their needs throughout the day.

Inspiration wall

Either using blackboard paint and chalk or a huge white board, having one wall dedicated to notes, planning and inspiration provides a contemporary feel to an office. This will help with prioritising and allow you to explore ideas visually. It can provide an interesting focal point for client meetings as well. Try to keep all other walls as clear as possible to minimise distraction and allow your creativity space to simmer.


Whilst it might seem obvious, keep your space as clutter free as possible. Choose storage for paperwork and files that allows room for manoeuvre and regularly clear out to stay on top of space.

If your staff are coffee fiends, treat your staff to a coffee maker. Offering this option to clients is a massive draw, and it offers staff the chance to have short breaks for thinking and productivity.