Creative Ways Humans are Using Technology to Make Life Better


Technology has changed tremendously in the past 20 years. What was once only an invention of the imagination is now coming to life in front of your eyes. And as technology gets better, people are coming up with new ways to use it to make life better. Here are some of the advances that are improving the lives of people all over the world.

Microchip Implants

The idea of microchipping humans has people divided about the convenience of a chip versus the long-term impacts. While not every advancement has been used for good historically; think nuclear science and bombs; the benefits of microchips far outweigh the perceived risks. Because so much of life is done digitally now, there are many opportunities for scammers to steal a person’s identity. Doing this can create ripples that last for a lifetime. Untangling oneself from the damage of identity theft can take a lifetime to recover from.

Using technology that enables a chip the size of a grain of rice to be implanted means that those people can rest easy that their digital identity is protected when they buy items. Other ways to use this technology can improve healthcare. No longer do doctors have to worry about incomplete medical records or making disastrous medical errors. Instead, a person’s medical history can be easily accessed from the chip.

Someday, brain implants may also allow people to watch TV, make phone calls, and so much more.

Advanced Robotics

Twenty years ago, the idea of using robots in everyday life was unheard of. Advances in technology are making science fiction more quickly become science fact. From the robotic vacuum to using robots for farming tasks, more and more industries are using fully automated robots.

Additionally, some companies are leveraging robotics to improve the connections between humans and technology. Instead of simply using a robot to perform a task, things like an exoskeleton suit can greatly improve safety and strength, while also leveraging human brainpower and intuition. It combines the best of both worlds. Doctors are using guided robots to improve outcomes in surgical situations as well. There is less risk of human error in these surgeries and less risk of infection when robots are used instead of human hands.

3D Printing Houses

Want to build a house in a day? It may be possible. Inventors have discovered ways to print house walls and other home components to build a house very quickly. 3D printing technology has been retrofitted on cement pouring equipment that enables homes to be created much quicker than using traditional methods. And don’t let the time it takes dissuade you. These 3D printed homes are as sturdy or better than some of their conventional home counterparts.

New Ways to Invest

Investing used to be a complicated process. But thanks to technology, people can now easily invest in stocks, open money market accounts, and even get in on cryptocurrency from the convenience of a phone. Smartphones and app developers have opened infinite possibilities when it comes to investing. For those who are more adventurous, there are even options and opportunities in the NFT realm for investing. With so many processes being digitized, people can even invest in homes without ever stepping foot in them.

Improving Access to Education

Using technology to improve access to education is expanding the ways that people learn. College courses can now be done from anywhere. Children’s classrooms can now be virtual. These technological advances have opened new doors of opportunity. Want to learn a new skill? Get online and do it. By layering VR and AR technology with education, you have an even greater opportunity to help people learn.

Employers can use AR to teach safety skills and give staff opportunities to try new skills. Additionally, people can get immersed in high-tech worlds that help their brains better absorb information than simply reading it on a page or a screen. Want to teach about the Grand Canyon? Walk students through an immersive lesson using VR technology.

For students in sub-par school districts, technology offers them opportunities to advance that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Technology and Life

It’s clear that technology is changing the way that people live their lives. From healthcare to education to finances to how people interact with the world, technology is making a difference. How would you use technology to make the world better?