Debunking reseller hosting myths

When the advantages of reseller hosting are laid out it’s amazing more people don’t take it on as a career. Essentially acting as a middle man, reselling is an easy way to link together a good hosting company and a client that needs them. Once you become aware of this, and the probable expectations of both sides, it seems self-explanatory. However, because so few people experiment or research into it as a career, they run away scared. Here are three of the most common myths associated with VPS reselling.

You need knowledge of hardware

Not only do you need to have no knowledge of the actual physical tools needed to build a hard drive and the cloud, you also have no need to know how to manage a VPS server, or reboot or upgrade it, or employ the people who do so. Your host will have taken care of this already, simply because they will have needed to do so to exist in the first place. It’s a layer of hassle and commitment that isn’t your issue; if something does go wrong, you’ll know people elsewhere are dealing with it.

It’s underhanded

At first glance, it almost seems like you’re almost palming off the hard work elsewhere; you’re taking someone else’s technical expertise, and a third party’s fledgling business, and then making money by marrying the two.

Allow us to alleviate your stress. Firstly, many hosting services actually promote themselves as suitable for resellers; after all, they’re still making money and they recognise reselling as a legitimate business. If you wish to tell your clients that you are a reseller then you can, but there’s also no problem if not – hosts are almost always discrete and anonymous. Again, provided you are offering a good service, clients won’t really care. Not everyone will know you’re a reseller, and you’ll be able to brand the site with your own branding.


You need technical hosting skills

It might need a little organisation; your services will need promotion; you’ll need to find a steady stock of customers; and you’ll perhaps need to find out the best initial hosting service for your needs, but the actual process is incredibly simple.

While you’ll clearly need a basic ability and knowledge of reselling and hosting plans, you don’t need to know all the intricacies. Even if a client bombards you with questions about the plan and how it will work, you can simply ask the host themselves to provide the answers.

What you almost certainly will need, of course, are the skills to impress your client, which could comprise copy creation, website design and management, ecommerce or similar.Even this, though, can be largely done for you. Many reseller hosting plans include free website builders with no coding skills required, and in addition, most hosting plans give you the tools to manage multiple websites simultaneously for clients using robust content management systems. In conclusion, if you’re thinking of setting up a reseller hosting business – it’s never been easier.