In order to enjoy better ecommerce success and an increase in online presence you need to ensure that your business strategy encompasses:

  • Effective SEO.
  • Great web hosting services.
  • Technology that makes your website load fast.
  • Mobile responsive design and
  • Paid search marketing.

Paid search marketing often works out really effective to get quick, strong and definite results. But there are a few things that you must focus on in order to enjoy better results of paid search marketing.

Do your research really well

Paid search marketing is all about getting your website to show up when people enter a few search terms. You will have to pay for each of the times that your website shows up and for each click that the customer makes to land on your website.

For instance, if you sell indoor furniture, you have to figure out the keywords that people are using the most. Would it be “indoor furniture” or “furniture for home” or even “how to choose indoor furniture on a budget”.

Once you have done your research on this, you can go in for a campaign that gets your website to show up only for specific keywords rather than an expensive all-encompassing format.

Landing page

When using paid search marketing, you need to pay attention to your landing page. When a customer clicks on a link on a search result that has shown up on the ‘right hand side’ – the paid search side – he or she does not have the inclination to be taken anywhere else but the specific product.

For instance, if your website link has shown up because your customer searched for “furniture for family den” then the click through should take him exactly to this category of products on your website. If it takes him or her to your Home or About Us page then it will – in most cases – result in the customer leaving your website.

So you would have paid for the click but not had the conversion.

Text ads

It may be just a line or two that is visible in paid search results but those few words have to catch your customer’s attention immediately. Your text should be:

  • Clean – eliminate exclamation marks and the use of capital letters.
  • Grammatically correct.
  • Specific to the benefit offered – ‘free installation of furniture’ or ‘great deals on bedroom furniture’.
  • Inclusive of a Call To Action.

Think of text for search ad campaigns as regular marketing campaigns and you will do better job of the same.

Audience specific

Google AdWords is a pretty effective paid marketing platform. In order to make maximum use of the same, you should think of displaying your advertisements:

  • Across the partner networks of this platform.
  • Placing a targeted ad that will appeal to your target customer.
  • Going with vertical search engine advertising.
  • In local domains if that is where your market lies and so on.

Finally, it also makes sense for you to use the results of your paid search efforts to shore up your long-term SEO plans to make them better as well.