Essential Customer Service Tips For Startups

They say the customer is always right. It’s a phrase you should live by as a young startup. When you’re finding your feet as a business, your customers should always come first. In the early days, every single customer or user matters. It is their word-of-mouth and recommendation that will help you grow. Every new customer is a chance to make an impression and strengthen your brand. As a startup, treating your customers well is your best marketing strategy.

With that in mind, today we’re looking at some customer service advice. We always think that if a customer cares enough to get in touch, they are a customer worth having. Many new companies moan about customer service, but instead, you should embrace it. Every interaction is a chance to build a loyal follower. Take advantage and turn the complaint or question into an active response. Here’s how.

Simple and easy contact

Customers love a business that is simple and easy to approach. Start with a real, accessible email address; not one of those ‘contact forms’. Studies have shown that customers just don’t trust them. This aspect of your site is important for your online business. A phone number is another great idea; some customers still prefer to reach for the phone and speak to someone. Don’t make customers jump through hoops to get hold of you.

Use social media

It seems that most startups have a love/hate relationship with social media. Some put their entire faith in Facebook and Twitter and focus their growth on these platforms. Others prefer to snub the communities altogether and ignore them. There is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, however, make sure to use it for customer service. Social media provides a direct and immediate route to connecting with your customers. Reach out to them and ask questions. Answer their queries if and when they come to you as well.

Exceed expectations

The simple key to customer service is over-delivering. Exceed your customer’s expectations and you’ll turn a disgruntled customer into a promoter. The least they expect is you to solve their problem or fix their issue. This should be your priority. From there, offer them a discount or a free product. Fix their problem, and then exceed their expectations. They’ll walk away singing your praises, rather than moaning about you.

Monitor your phone calls

A polite telephone manner is vital when it comes to customer service. If you do offer service via phone call, we suggest monitoring the conversation. It allows you to see what you could do better and improve your service. Use a telephone recording device in order to do this. Listen back to your calls and try to improve your tone, empathy and overall service.

The customer is always right

No matter how angry, rude or incorrect they are, never answer back. Answer their query with grace and poise. Look for a way to appease them and act rationally. Any other behaviour is unprofessional and will not help the situation.

As we said, customer service is essential in your early days as a startup. Take it seriously and follow the advice here. Let us know if you have any other fantastic tips!

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