Essential free android apps you must have

The following are free and must have renowned android apps on your android smart phone.

  1. Kakao Talk- This app is similar to the WhatsApp Messenger. The service of this app is great with more than 14 million users using it. This is ranked as the number one free of charge communication app in the android app industry. You can use a one on one chat or a group chat with this app and you can chat with unrestricted number of buddies inside a group chat. You can include your mates with their id’s or phone figures. Customized notifications appear and voice notice functions are additional.
  2. Google Maps- Google maps app is a great app which presents full mapping. You will be left wondering with the facts presented by this app about different destinations and spots when you use this app on your Android phone. The best part of the app is it is open up supply and anybody can add stuff to the app below Google’s personnel monitoring. Many of the prime features of this app are 3D maps, Navigations, places with hotspots, layers, street watch, instructions, latitude, traffic, offline dependability etc. The most effective thing about this app is the GPS Navigation with voice assistance.
  3. Pandora online radio- the products and services of Pandora radio online are very popular in the computer edition from a long time. The Pandora radio online is a free app with personalized radio service which streams new music with your android phone. This app can create an entire new station of new music as customized by your favorite artist, classical composers and song composers. The best way to keep up your music preferences is by making your own personal account and build a station . You can login in to your station which you were last listening. This is a very easy to use app.
  4. Lookout Mobile Safety- This is an award winning safety app which protects your phone. This is the number one mobile safety app in the Android market. This app will protect your phone from newly located DroidDream Light malware. The safety widget of the app will scan, block and eliminate malware from your phone. You can schedule your mobile scans and the database is very dependable which repeatedly updates instantly. This app is lightweight with mobile phone locator and backup solutions.
  5. Talking Tom Cat- This is a great entertainment apps, especially for kids. The amusing cat in this app responds to each and every last term which you communicate and the cat repeats them out loudly. This is a funny and time passing app. Some funny things you can do with this app is per the cat, poke him, hit him, pour him a glass of milk and many other humorous things which will make you laugh like crazy. If you overlook the cat it will yawn and ask for attention. This exciting app is very well known globally, it is highly addictive for children of all ages.