Essential Security Aspects of Corporate Training Courses

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Everything comes at a price, and that is the basic rule that can be applied for the majority of the things that we see, use and desire in our daily lives. However, as we are moving faster towards a more digitally inclined society, we are also inviting the digital threats at the same pace. The number of cyber attacks has increased and hackers are continuously developing new and advanced viruses. It’s similar to a hostage situation, where your data is their hostage after which they demand a ransom that organizations need to pay when their systems are hacked and all of their information is compromised.

Consider this

In the year 2013, Adobe declared that its IT infrastructure has been hacked which lead to the theft of personal information of a whopping 2.9 million accounts along with sensitive information i.e. logins, passwords, names, and even credit card numbers. In this scenario, hackers took advantage of a security breach and indeed found a way to intercept the network and steal not only the personal data but also 40GB of source code for their upcoming products and as well as their flagship products.

The last few years have been very critical in terms of cyber breaches. According to Kaspersky Lab, 2016 witnessed 758 million malicious attacks which sum up to an attack launched every 40 seconds. Hackers have developed advanced ransomware hacking software such as Wannacry and Notpetya which are the latest advances in the cybercrime world. This ransomware software is like kidnapping a digital hostage along with a sort of encryption which locks the pc and deletes every file if not been met with the demands that have been asked for.

As more and fresh technologies pave their way to inspire people to opt for remote work and e-learning, hackers also continuously try to find gaps in the networks of huge organizations leading to such an extent from where data can be so much compromised that it also cannot be recovered.

It is important for organizations to consider cybersecurity as the topmost priority as in the digital era it is the network that connects all of the organization together. Below are a few things to keep in mind to tighten up the security and keep the hackers away, because ensuring security is one of the parameters of an effective elearning course.

Information is the key

The first task that needs to be followed is to inform your employees about the importance of a secure network and how they can prevent from doing that. The key is to explain to the employees about the potential threats and what are the gaps that need special attention. This can be done via conducting online training or a special session can be dedicated to creating a more secure network while conducting training and other e-learning activities.

Mandatory 2 step Authentication

While we see all these massive organizations falling under the traps of ransomware and other malicious software, in current times almost everyone is vulnerable to a cyber threat and can make a silly mistake by clicking a suspicious link. Organizations need to follow stricter codes to make 2-factor authentication mandatory for employees to make the network more secure. This is a process which connects one of your personal devices to the network and asks for passwords and OTP’s. This creates a secure back layer of 2 step verification and minimizes the risk of getting duped by an online culprit.

The Last Resort: Create Multiple Backups

Last but not least, creating a secure backup is the first thing that an organization needs to follow. Prevention is better than cure and that is the mantra that should be applied while securing an online training network. Having multiple backups can not only save your data but can also save a lot of time that you might end up wasting while recovering the data. Also, if you have given your employees the access of the cloud than also look out for any loose ends that may end up giving an easy way for the hackers to breach your system.

Well, apart from the things discussed above, organizations can any day opt for any LMS consulting service which outlook and design e-learning. training programs for various organizations. Here’s some basic information for readers who may be wondering what LMS is. The industry for outsourcing e-learning training programs is flourishing and it can be seen as one of the most suitable ways to make your employees learn digitally, save a lot of resources and get a network which is efficient and secure.